If Their Was EVIDENCE You Would Not Want To See It Anyway??? YOU DONT WANT EVIDENCE!!!





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Published on Mar 25, 2012

Just Believe whatever You Want 2 Believe DONT EXAMINE THE FACTS...

Many people today hold the view that christians are just a bunch of dumb brainwashed idiots that have been
indoctrinated from an early age.

Evolution is a religion based upon faith and assumptions that have nothing to do with science.
Also many of the lies they use to support their theory have been disprooven or shown to be fabricated or fraudulent.
but They not only continue to teach these things that where disprooved years ago, but these lies are still in the
txtbooks today destroting the faith of millions of youg christtians.

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People who believe in evolution are afraid to admit that they are sinful. That's why they pretend to believe it. My father hasn't always been a Christian but he has always known that evolution is a lie. Physics disprove is.
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Deep Ashtray
Let's assume you do manage to debunk the last 250 years of scientific advancement, you still don't have a viable alternative by any stretch.
ixtl guul
09:00  ...and here comes the bullshit strawman, taken directily from Kent Hovind.   No wonder you reject the fact of evolution, since your understanding of it is so faulty.  It really is just about how living organisms change over time, because the ones best suited to their environment live longer and have more offspring than the ones which are less well suited.  That's all it is.  If you accept that, then you already accept that evolution happens.  None of the rest of it (e.g. the Big Bang) has anything to do with evolution.  "Planetary evolution" is nonsense, since planets do not reproduce.  "Chemical evolution" - you're talking about nuclear fusion; and it IS part of science, even if you personally don't understand it.  And so on through all the rest of Hovind's magic bullshit.  The irony is that even if this load of drivel conclusively disproved the theory of evolution (which it does not),  that still would not get you any closer to proving the validity of creationism.
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Logical APE
The Bill of Rights - Article 1 states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. If you have proof that Evolution is religion, why don't you go to court and have the public schools banned from teaching the theory of Evolution?
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Mike Vizioz
This guy is so funny because he claims that he has examined the evidence for evolution...and then proves that he has absolutely no idea what evolution even states. Which proves that he has gotten all his information about evolution from creationist sources. He actually states that people who accepts evolution proposes that we evolved from a rock. Every creationist source out there makes that same claim about "evolutionists". Yet no a single "evoluionist" in the history of world has made that claim. Not one. If I said that christians are crazy because they believe that Muhammed created the heaven of the Earth and made man in Buddha's image would I have proven that I knew something about christianity or would I have proven that I don't know the first thing about christianity?
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So evolution is a religion? Then which deity do you propose it worships? After all you can't have a religion without a god. Where does any scientist claim that we evolved from a rock? That's all part of your delusion. Everything you claim has come from the Kent Hovind school of bullshit & every claim he made has been completely rebutted. I listened to the entirety of your video & you did not make one claim that would "debunk" the theory of evolution or prove that it's "faith based". The fact you find the theory of evolution incredulous does not disprove it. It just shows that you've had no education in biological science.
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Bucks Even Wilder
+ExtantFrodo2 Two world-wide deluges. The 1st happened to the Dino's and the 2nd Happened in what is commonly called Noah's flood. When flood waters come ashore smaller/slower creatures get buried 1st while the faster critters will be buried last. Geologic Record. Take a look at videos of the Japanese Tsunami and see for yourself what happens during that type of deluge.
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Evolution is a religion!!!! what don't you people understand!! If something is being taught without being proven, it is a RELIGION!!!!  There's no way to prove evolution, but there is a way to prove the creationist way of thinking/Christianity, and I'll tell you how.   Take a chance and ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and believe that he is the truth, way and the light.  If you give Jesus a try, I can guarantee that over time Jesus will reveal himself to you in many ways than one.  You will come to the conclusion that there is a grand designer (GOD). If you don't believe me than try Jesus for yourself.  Find out what all the hype is all about.  Find out why over a billion people believe that Jesus Christ/GOD is real. Take a chance on GOD.
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Good video, God bless you.
Exactly Man
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