Criss Angel makes a girl levitate in front of a crowd





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Published on Jan 22, 2009

Criss meets a random crowd of people and makes one of the girls levitate in front of her friends. Taken from Season 1, Episode 2.

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fahad khan
the girl is wearing a steel frame or crutches inside her pants
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C.J. Reed
+Brin Vidmar Actually Michael tatro is correct. Keep on lol, consider yourself an uninformed, low I.Q. moron. Do you realize that there are many "Retarted People in this World. Your parents must have forgotten to teach you manners and respect for others.
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Mr. Mayhem
Why do black people always run back and forth, throwing their hands wildly in the air and mumbling all sorts of obscenities every time they see a magic trick? Whether it be Criss Angel or David Blaine, they do that shit every time. 
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Gaminq Channel
I know this will get lost in the comments but when I'm at home alone I like to go out my back yard and cover myself with mud and pretend I'm a carrot 😕
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+Salem K Nice to meet you buzz killington
random doesnt equal funny
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I'm procrastinating
HOLY SHIT I CAN NOT GET OVER HOW PEOPLE ACTUALLY THINK THIS HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR SILLY MADE UP STORIES AND RELIGION. You're watching this through a CAMERA. You realize not EVERYTHING you see on TV is real? Do you think fucking Ed Edd and Eddy are actual people? For fucks sake these are clever camera positions mixed with cheap video editing and really fucking stupid pretend acrobatics. This is fake, you people are coming here to write a fucking novel just to tell everyone "OMG GUYS THIS IS SATAN" Can someone explain to me why Satan would be wasting his time trying to make everything look cool and complicated on television specifically just to impress a few people? My god you people are fucking dumb.
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Echo Z
Tetea Zahau it's fake boi
Tetea Zahau
ye know.. i think you were never ever there when criss perform at our hotel in vegas.. dont fake him far from the east or beyond the earth..lol most of all, satan is one.. does he look like he dont have side kick (the fallen).. if u do believe.. dumb ass..
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LOL "Random crowd" my ass.    The girl levitating is Erica Vanlee,   a Vegas performer.  Anyone can look this up.    FAIL Criss. 
Mia Cordero
Stop saying bad words
Matthew Allison
+Michael Cleveland Swear Words actualy arnt good!
michael tatro
chris is a demon possessed dark magician controlled by satan
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michael tatro
cupcake Coffee how long does it take when standing in front of an apple tree to rightly judge that it's an apple tree?
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Out OfNames
the mexicans in the background were like "fucking white people"
Taurus Auric
She was lying on a platform hidden in her clothes, I know this trick.
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+cyberkeeper1 i may be wrong but here is what i think happend. Firstly, the people arround her are on the trick, they are just hired to make it seem legit an real. The second thing is that the place is prepared for it beforehand, when she starts to lie down her feet are still attached to pipe which is solidly impaled to grass and going through her trousers and shirt, next he walks arround with that stick showing there is no connection to the ground with her left hand. but there is, only it appears after that shot is done, then he secretly deataches the one from her feet. Then raises them, then remotely someone manouvers the pipe on her left hand making it look like as if she was slowly dropped by magician. Im not sure, but thats what i imagine happend
+Polish Ninja wrong because he used a cane to disprove cabling. So it's magnets or real magic. It cannot be anything else.
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he just gave a red bull to her. stop all qq
Mckenzie Rousseaux
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