(Nerdy Parody) Look At Me Now - Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes





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Published on Jun 12, 2011

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I dont see How you can hate from outside of math club
you cant even get in

yellow pokemon
yellow snitch golden
yellow 3d glasses
yellow towel foldin
yep yep
i can fill an ice tray

I finish what takes you ten years, in two days
My xbox loves me
so does Feheenayy
i like to watch/ doctor who/ ev/er/ry day
my keyboard shortcuts, control c copies
and them small paper cranes, origami

Look at me now, Look at me now
oh, got a light saber
look at me now
oh, look at me now
yeah, peace, less than three, luv ya

Harry James Potter got a letter
and it made his life better
cuz he got to go to hogwarts
malfoy aint slick, if you slyther into slytherin
you're bound to end up like voldemort
oops i said voldemort
i aint really mean to say voldemort
lets get off the topic of voldemort
so i can finish my school report
I'm done

but i dont feel like running
atr my house is where i really wanna stay, wanna stay, wanna stay
mario's how it goes and i wont ever lose
cause you know i get those coins everyday day, goooooo
yeah i just really want some pop see
mountain dew code red get me hoppy
and i know that doctor who can be shocking
but it never gonna stop see

everytime i game a hater gonna bet that i cannot keep it goin
then im gonna show em that im gonna blow em into little bitty particles
it's loud when i pull the trigger its gonna dadadada
you can call me simba cuz i cant wait to be king a badaboom a badabing
i like to eat onion rings, and make it clear to all the haters that i always win
the games i like to play again and again and again

and im a whovian till death and companions are amazing but the doctor is the best
matt smith wears a bowtie not a sweater vest
when it comes to pokemon i'll be usin moltres
if you live in the east or you livin in the west
you should know the vlog bros are nerdier than the rest.
say hey in a tweet or mail me on the internet
then dailybooth if you have time left lets go

the nintendo turns on to start a mario race i got
funyons on my side and toad has got the best pace
bowser struggling and hustling and sending in and getting in
to shooting lightening cuz he's in last place
gotta taste it and I gotta grab it
then yoshi cuts all through this traffic
just to be at the top of the throne
Bowsers never gonna have it

Look at me now, Look at me now
oh, got a light saber
look at me now
oh, look at me now
yeah, peace, less than three, luv ya

Man i'm on the interwebz and i'm youtubin
I'm Dustonian, I am horrible i am fiction, I attend nerdy conventions
I like luigi, banana splits, i wont forget to mention, 3-dimention
Got an itch for nerdy movies like scott pilgrim, and the goonies
I dont wanna turn into a hater, annakin - darth vader
I'll cut the grass later, oh you know what, i like tots that are tater
I like Joss Whedon, and walking down escalators
the tardis is a time-traveling laday
it's actually a police-box named sexay
I wanna hear what you say, so let's talk on skype
your girlfriends the type who likes mocking jay
I would have more swag if i had a bunk-bed
I wanna use my head, to control my mind i wanna become a jedi
i wish i could fly, yup, up to the sky and i like lemon pie
i like wifi, give me a high five, i l ike the moody of mad-eye
I dont like seeing dumbledore die, but i enjoy watching some firefly
Sherlock and sprite on a netflix night
the kitchen has light, i'm eatin snacks tonight, and my pockets tight full of turkish delight
Nerdfighteria's nice and my heelys red
You get prepared vidcon be wild, there i act like a child
you like my style i got nerd swag
I'm like bugs bunny if you got eyes look at me now snitch

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