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Published on Feb 21, 2012

How to talk to a girl. How to see if she is interested and what not to do.


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Wow. speechless. Here's what I learned from this vacuous bag of hammers. Women are complicated, men are simple. How to know if a woman's interested? Be a MAN. Be simple and attractive. If you're simple and attractive and a man then have "game". If she likes you you'll know. She sums up why you never trust a females point of view about females. They have no sense of self-awareness. They only have awareness of how they WISH they were and that can change at any moment with no memory of their previous perspective..
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Michael H
I am so tired of this men are simple crap, Like women we are complex human beings Lust my get you in the door and even some sex. But the question both men and women need to ask is:  Do I find my partner interesting?   To many of these so called PUA's focus on the person and not the surroundings For example I would use a different approach in a club vs. an art museum. In a club I would learn to recognize drinks, lean some dance steps etc. "Long island ice tea, wow I love them too, want another?" In the Museum I would learn a bit about art to the point were I can hold an intelligence conversation. "Hi, Did you know Wheat of Fields painted in July of 1890 was one of Van Gogh last paintings."  This shows that you have half a brain and take an interest in things she/he enjoys...
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Andrew Markus
Body language my niggaz! If you know how to properly read it, you can always say if she likes you or not with almost 100 accuracy because body language is something few people on this planet can truly fake and control 
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+Andrew Markus thanks ill try this tomorrow and tell you what happens
Ramon Blanton
@AndewMarkus maybe yes, body language sometimes helps me to attract women and also knowing when to make eye contact. @Randy Yes, it's common problem among men to become more confident, search for rapid women seducer via google, you'll learn so much from there. plus, their secret women seduction works greatly for most guys i know.
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Rene Descartes
Give her the dick!
Chris Cruz
Rene Descartes lol
the bigger, the blacker, the better.
So in other words, act like a disinterested jerk and treat women like this dumb blonde like she's beneath you, and she'll be all over you like white on rice.  Sorry hun, but you're too young and inexperienced to be dispensing dating advice to guys.  Plus, girls like you don't have to try.  Just keep looking pretty, and you have your pick of the litter.  It's hard for people who weren't blessed with good looks to take you seriously.  That said, please stop spewing your verbal diarrhea and worry about looking like good arm candy for a guy, because it's painfully obvious that's all you're good for.
Moki Sapanjoš
Aye, agreed.
Trini Boy
It's simple. Be easy, treat girl like their your friends, and then flirt with them here and there.....that's it. Don't expect anything from any girl, and watch them target you like you're their favorite food
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Trini Boy
+chance stroker no. You are speaking off anger. It may appear that females love being treated like shit, but its the complete opposite. I woman can tell when you're trying to "holla" or spit game at her, and they would prefer a more natural moment. All girls really are interested in is a confident man that knows what he wants, and can uplift in many different areas. Like money, confidence, support for the things they into
I do that all the time but I have a bummer we are going to different schools next year
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One of the most popular misconceptions is "women are complicated." This is a non-truth perpetuated by pop-culture. Women are actually very simple creatures. The reason women may seem complicated and perhaps even believe tuey are is because they are absolutely illogical creatures ruled by emotions and ultimately do not possess the power of reason. This is why there is the misconception that men are simple, because we are logical. This throws women off. A girl might tell you she wants you to show her how much you care, but once you do that...you're finished. Never let a girl know how much you like her until she tells you she's in love with you. Until that point the sad truth is you have to play games. If she wants to hang out, play aloof and say you'd like to but you have something "important to do." The simple female creature does not know how to be anything but the center of attention and will start acting the fool. Just be careful not to overplay it because there is always some sucker who doesn't know better and will give her what she thinks she wants, and then you're out a piece of ass. The trick is to give her just enough positive reinforcement to keep her interested, while keeping her insecure enough to wonder if you're actually into her. Never waste your time with girls who know they're pretty like this chick in the video unless they show you they're interested first, because most of the time they just want to know you want them to pad their ego, get a free drink and move on to the next sucker. If anything, try a humorous approach that undermines their narcissism. Like, "I don't waste my time talking to the prettiest girl in the bar so I thought I'd come amuse you," or if she really knows she's hot shit "I find you incredibly unattractive but I'm oddly drawn to you." You need to be a pro but if executed well this is a quick in and a great way to separate yourself from the three dozen guys who all told her she was the most beautiful girl there. Yeah, she knows that...andd she's not impressed. She'll let you buy her a drink and move on to targets B, C, D, E and F
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mphurwitz I understand women , I also understand cats. Cats are more intelligent therefore I conclude that women have intelligence more on the level of a bird such as a pigeon..
Quincy Chinn
@mrphur true, girls don't like pushover or needy guy. it's that simple @ramon: Just hit up the program on "Badass Mastery, com" Awesome course on there, it's surprisingly good and cover almost all dating topic to get you laid.
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Dumb blonde bitch. Go do something useful for the world instead of begging for attention on the internet.
Rain Stormborn
Its Foxii
Aren't u supposed 2 b in the kitchen 
Rozli Yusof
ouh so youre saying dont text a girl when she gave u her number?so what do u do to her number then?keep it at a museum?women are bullshit.they dont know what the fuck they want.
Rnk Kingsley
Sometimes this is true
the video was complicated.
Mario Gonzales
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