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Published on Mar 20, 2017

In this video, learn what is frizz, what causes frizz, what products you can use to fight against frizz or stop frizz, especially in natural hair.

Frizz is caused when your hair cuticles are raised, due to hair/body is not be properly hydrated. It can also be caused by humidity and the use of products that causes an increase in frizz. You can also cause frizz by having a poor night time routine where you are not protecting your hair at night. What Frizzy Hair Hacks can hel;p? Sleeping with a satin bonnet or using a silk or satin pillowcase will help. When you wash your hair, always deep condition it. You can also use non alcholic gels to reduce the frizzing appearance. Using silicones in natural hair can help with frizz and help lay your hair cuticles. Lastly, having a proper moisture-protein balanced hair regimen can help.

What can remove non-water soluble silicones in natural hair?
Although silicones are great for frizz, try not to use them in excess. When you do, it can cause give you greasy hair. To remove silicones from hair, use Sulfate Shampoos.

Can Clays remove Silicones?
Here is an exerpt answering this from CurlyNikki blog : http://www.curlynikki.com/2009/02/hai...
"Bentonite clay is not really researched for use in hair but it has been used as an industrial cleaner. Most forms of the clay have been shown to be able to remove ions (for example dissolved salts such as table salt/sodium chloride). There are definite pointers that it can adsorb proteins, fats and grease .This means that the fat/grease gets stuck onto (adsorbed) the clay and therefore removed away from the surface.

There is nothing that I could find to say that it can remove silicone (the kind found in hair products). Silicone does tend to be in grease form so it is a possibility that Bentonite can lift this from hair.

I'd like to mention that Bentonite clay does contain silicon in the form of silica (SiO silicon and oxygen) and not the classic silicone/siloxane (SiO with Carbon groups). The two forms are quite different in behaviour. The silicon in bentonite clay is more similar to what you find in glass or sand while that in hair products is more similar to the sealing stuff used in bathrooms. "

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