10 Ways to... Troll your friends in Minecraft





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Published on Mar 6, 2012

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Diamond trap, works every time
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AdventureGaminYT 37
Jake k
Ilse Van Meurs
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Jimmy Curalov
You may wish, good items output that is this too today. +++ https://sites.google.com/site/mcpremiium/ +++
Mole YT
Jimmy Curalov no one cares
How is #10 a troll? Its more like helping him get wood.
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Niku Nok
yeah you are right
Ilse Van Meurs
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HaydenPlaysMC - Minecrafter Army
This video is such a classic...
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Matthew Harvey I could join you
Matthew Harvey
HaydenPlaysMC - Minecrafter Army okay join my server I need staff cat.myserver.gs 1.8 eh about 5k staff needed I'm owner MatthewBAHarvey is my username
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Hero For Gaming
who is watching this in june 2016
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David Smith
Hero For Gaming 2017 May
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6:40 ik ben wat??? nederlands???
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Vertun Bro
Randomness4life ik ook
fidgetlander NL
Randomness4life ben jij nederlands? ik ben nederlands :-D
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Noah Burkett
This is by far the dumbest 10 ways to troll friends in minecraft it was just so fucking stupid
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+p!atd2 just because you know him doesn't mean you have the right to tell them to stfu, go die in a fire, asshole.
Jamal Abdr
Hes just jealous because he doesent know how redstone works
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3:43 you can see the guy swimming away
that is supposed to be like that, moron.
Basim El-Hout
What I like to do to mean admins: 1. Dig a 2 by 2 tunnel under their house, farm, stables, anything they hold dear, one long tunnel under their general living area. 2. Fill tunnel with a 1 by 1 row of TNT, (Leave some open space, otherwise tnt won't go off sometimes) 3. Make sure to cover your tunnel entrance while you're working on it, don't want anyone to find out. 4. From a distance, set off the TNT chain and RUN AWAY SO NO ONE SEES YOU DID IT! 5. Watch from a distance as that mean admin gets a taste of what everyone on the server thinks of him.
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DerpToni#616372 YT
Now i know wut to do to pipl who kill me on uhc >:)
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Mackan _
2017 anyone?
DerpToni#616372 YT
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