Lion King- Cut scene 5- Zira's Suicide





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Published on Apr 9, 2006

Cut for obvious reasons... Suicide in a kids movie is cause for disaster. :p Even if it was Zira making an ultimate sacrifice for her late mate. Though, this explains why it looks as if she was smiling as she fell in the finished product- because she actually IS smiling! Creepy.. o.0 Taken from lionking.org

I don't own Lion King, it's sequals, etc, so don't come and drink my blood, ne?

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It kinda makes you think, doesn't it? Zira was someone who valued her hatred more than her life.
Sailor Sedna
Zira actually means "hate" in Swahili.
Wow that makes a lot of sense actually.
The fact that they made sure to give Zira the most deranged expression they could as she says "Never" in that creepy way is unsettling even to an adult.
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Lucinda Mobley
Well, the one thing you could say about Zira was the fact that she was much braver than Scar. He acted Simba out of desperation, and when he was defeated he wanted to continue to deceive the hyenas, but they heard him say that they were the enemy, so he was caught in his own lie. He died begging for his life.
Hear Comes The Choir
Gaelek13 Ikr it's really creepy and the music omg
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Dude that face when she said "never", holy fuck o.o
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Hear Comes The Choir
Videogamezfan64 Creepy af
I know that was some dark shit. lol!
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N Jones
She would have rather died than accept help from the ones who killer Scar and turned everyone she loved against her.
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N Jones
+Meta Gaming In her mind he did. We know Scar was killed by the hyenas but she feels Scar was the rightful king and simba took it from him
drake scipion
But SImba is the reason why Scar say that hyenas are ennemies, also Simba take his place as a king. And for the hyenas, then maybe Zira killed theme (or try with the hyenas in The lion guard)
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Michael C.
This was too dark? Really? Darker than Scar's death?
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Lucinda Mobley
Darker in the sense that she chose to die rather than to let the daughter of her sworn enemy help her. Scar's death was poetic because his lies and trying to save his own skin caused the hyenas to turn on him, and to get the satisfactory meal that they had been wanting since the herds moved on.
Israel Barber
+suki3275 Well I knew, but I can understand why they didn't show that, and I can also understand your perspective on why.
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Andrew Shuboy
I like this version better than the one they went with.
Me too. It fits her character better.
So let me get this straight: 1) Animals getting shot is okay. 2) Children getting turned into donkeys and sold into slavery is okay. 3) A hunter getting hung and strangled by jungle vines is okay. 4) A giant octopus witch getting impaled by the bow of a sailboat is okay. But Disney had a problem with THIS?
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Ja'Quan L.D.
JTblcksheep FACTS
Rose Vee
there was no blood because kid's film :P they never show blood if they can avoid it.
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ThatFoxLillian óÔÔò
This should have been in the movie. It shows Zira's dark and vengeful character, and it would've gained Disney a larger audience.
I'm with you. If they had gone with Zira committing suicide it would have made her look like a really deranged and sick villain. Kind of like when Princess Azula from Avatar became all paranoid and unstable during the last 4 episodes of Book 3.
Akaijaha Phills
No, it wouldn't. It would just be a different ending. Darker, but nothing mind blowing.
Philip kelton
too dark ..meh.... this scene alone would have elevated the quality of the film
TicklefishMcGee The Enigma of Salt
+Philip kelton (pkelton) Now where have I seen you before...?
Scazirra V.
Isn't it same music as when Mufasa got killed by Scar?
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+Scazirra V. Or maybe this film was planned to have a theatrical release.
+Scazirra V. Same cliff, same music, scenarios have been reversed but one of Simba's family is still traumatized by how an individual died.
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