Crazed Muslim Girl "KILL ALL JEWS!!!!"





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Published on Apr 1, 2009

A beautiful example of Islam as the religion of Peace and Love.

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these creatures called Muslims are ugly as hell.
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Amy Jones
joey8062 haha like many white girls LOL
Endhyta Wisaksono
Yeah if all human are ugly piece of shit... Those jews are even more uglier than a pig's shit...
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What an ugly muslim slut !
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Amy Jones
RudeFarkenGnome she's not ugly
Larry Page
RudeFarkenGnome Not so ugly than your mom
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Blatte Dödaren 2015
Muslims are disqusting
Greg Hinton
+Blatte Dödaren 2015  Wie Kann Mann das sagen?  Sind Sie bessar als die Juden oder nicht? Um die Wahrheit zu sagen die Zionisten sind veranntwortlich fur die problem der Weld. Die Leute aus (zum beispiel) Syria kampfen gegen ISIS (Israel financed)...ISIS ist CIA!!!!
Tristan Westbrook
not as disgusting as jews
Jesus Wife
Stupid bitch. No we won't help you. Go die whore. No one likes y'all. People hate Jews less these days. But for sure the whole world hate y'all piece of shits. Go suck on Allah colorful hotdog for a dick.
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Jesus Wife
Tell me, what's the reason you guys hate someone? '' Uh, they don't look like me '' LOL, bye.
Jesus Wife
You guys are so hateful, no wonder the world is what it is. Lol, less people like majority of you means less destruction.
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Nacho Garchitorena
More Jews, less Muslims
celtic knight
I agree with her. Muslims have no place in Europe but neither do Christians or Jews. We (native Europeans) and the Muslims have a common enemy. Jews would have you believe through their media propaganda that it is them who are victimized when the truth is that Jews have been committing genocides and mass murder on innocent people for over two thousand years. This young girl and her family know the truth and have most likely suffered at the hands of the Jewish scrum. Wake up Europe!!! Jews bomb elementary schools full of children and the news calls it collateral damage but when a Muslim freedoms fighter kills a Jewish pig soldier it's printed in the media as a terrorist attack.
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+Christina x First of all, they aren't killing everyone and you're the one calling for an extermination here. Secondly the conspiracy theory claiming such a thing also states that they're using you to genocide white people by out breeding them, so I don't know why you're pushing such a thing so vehemently. I mean the entire reasoning behind the theory revolves around the notion that darker skinned races are mentally inferior to lighter skinned races, and that the end-goal of the people responsible is a dumbed down populace via race mixing. Finally, our faith isn't disgusting it's a treasured part of our history and culture, and the fact that you would say such a thing is laughable as I presume you are a Muslim, which would make our religion the precursor to your own as well as your words potentially blasphemous. P.S. Your attempts at inciting an emotional response with your deceitful ways couldn't be more obvious, and wouldn't work in a hundred years, white blonde blue eyed children, really? Your taqiya propaganda isn't the least bit subtle.
Christina x
celtic knight Israeli governments are and everyone who is in Hollywood rape white blonde blue eyed childreN! Your people and faith are disgusting, barbaric pedos. Even Jews like yourself know how bad the Jewish Zionist are! And they said they want to stop them! Obvs you don't know because your an ignorant Jew. Sick
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Zig Zag
What a moronic barbarian she is......I hope someone kills her.
as a Christian, to all, the Jews are the chosen, our God, Jesus came to earth as a Jew,My Savior. Iit shows that Islam is of Satan , and Mohamed a false prophet who enjoyed raping his jewess every night after he killed all Jewish tribes of Arabia
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JEWS ARE THE REAL POISON!!!! WE can only hope STERN is next in line!!! Joan Alexandra Molinsky is in a REAL GAS CHAMBER FOR ETERNITY, for all of her HATRED and SICK JOKES about INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN  WHO WERE MURDERED BY A RACIST  asskissNAZI  state of ISRAHELL!!! 
Zakar Mashriqi
Muhammad is not a false prophet u bastard. Watch your mouth cuz u don't know shit about anything
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Goce Dojcinoski
Not all Muslim's are terrorist's,but most Terrorist's are Muslims.I'm totally on the Jewish side,smartest people on this planet ! I got you by the arms. Love from a Christian !
+Goce Dojcinoski nah you just miss Hitler. you nigger
Oceana AkaddHarstagh
See, they pray 5 times a day but no manners, therefore, what the purpose of having a religion ONLY to hate and murder others. Moslems are hypocrite! Oh I forgot, the quran copied the Torah and Bible. (Surah 9:5) Allah commands the moslems to slay the idolaters the People of the Book (Jews and Christians).
Oceana AkaddHarstagh
+Alexis Essafi True, all humans are equal. Hatred religion should be vanished.
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