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Published on May 8, 2009

Giving views on "Sinhala Only Act", Prof Nalin de Silva said during a discussion on Derana TV 360 that being Tamil, Tamils are not being discriminated in Sri Lanka.
Q: "Being Tamil, Are Tamils being discriminated or mariginalized?"
A: "No, not in Sri Lanka. "

Sri Lanka War is a war against Separatist Terrorism .

Encyclopedia Britanica on Sinhala Only Act: "Sinhala Only Bill, (1956), act passed by the government of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) making Sinhalese the official language of the country. The bill was the first step taken by the new government of S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike to realize one of the main campaign promises that had brought about his landslide victory in the 1956 general election. Violently opposed by the Tamil-speaking minority in Ceylon, the passage of the bill was followed by rioting."

"The Tamil Federal Party, led by S.J.V. Chelvanayakam, pressed demands that Ceylon be made a federal state. To conciliate the Tamils, Bandaranaike made a pact with Chelvanayakam, allowing for the official use of Tamil in Tamil-speaking provinces; in April 1958, however, under pressure of Sinhalese extremists, Bandaranaike nullified this pact. Such severe rioting and communal violence ensued that mass internal migrations of Tamils and Sinhalese occurred, and a state of emergency was declared. In August 1958 The Tamil Language (Special Provisions) Act was passed, providing for the use of Tamil for certain administrative purposes and as a medium of instruction in secondary and higher education, a measure that temporarily mollified but did not satisfy either the Tamils or the more extremist Sinhalese."


0:00 (Giving views on "Sinhala Only Act" during an interview with "Derana TV 360 to question "being Tamil, are Tamils being discriminated and marginalised in Sri Lanka?")

Derana TV: Being a Tamil, are Tamils being discriminated?
Prof Nalin Silva : No

Derana: Being a Sinhala, are Sinhala being discriminated?

Prof Nalin de Silva: Yes
watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkcyGO...


Why Europeans accuse Sri Lanka has an Ethnic problem and support Elam cause? How reasonable is Tamil allegations of they are being discriminated?

Sri Lanka War should not look in European created "Apartheid" perspective.

History of Apartheid (created by Europeans- 'Apartheid' a Dutch term means separation). When Europeans went to South Africa, they started discriminating native Black Africans. Minority white Europeans discriminated native majority Black Africans and treated them as second class citizens. Whites made apartheid rules; front seats in buses for whites, rear seats for black Africans. Swimming pools which were used by Whites were not allowed for blacks etc. Europeans discriminated black Africans. White Europeans were blamed for discriminating Black Africans. Minority Whites had to give equal rights to majority Black Africans. White European's discrimination of black Africans declined after Anti-Apartheid law. But Sri Lanka had no history of such a systematic discrimination of Tamils except Sinhala only Act in 1956 which was based on majority's language.

Sinhala Only Act is justified

When Sinhala language became THE state language in 1956 ( for majority Sinhalese more than 70% of total population) Tamil people claimed Sinhalese people discriminated Tamil people. When Sri Lanka was under English colony before 1948, Tamils did not object having English as THE state language in Sri Lanka (English people were less than 1% of total population in Sri Lanka) Why Tamils did not feel they were discriminated by English people when another minority English people made English language as THE state language of Sri Lanka for 150 years and even now?

Are Tamils been discriminated by Sinhala Only Act? No.

Eelamists say Tamils were discriminated by Sinhala only act in 1956 which enacted Sinhala language as the Sri Lanka's state language on the ground of 70% Sinhalese majority's language replacing English language. Tamils did not object when English language became Sri Lanka's state language while English people represented only less than 1% of total population. (versus 78% of Sinhalese). It is indeed Tamils who discriminated Sinhalese over English!

Sri Lanka War is separatist Terrorism problem not an Ethnic problem.

EU wants to justify LTTE terrorism/ separatist terrorism through apartheid perspective! (Europeans have a history of discrimination for ages; apartheid regime in Africa).

Defeat terrorism!

Sri Lanka War is a war against Eelam Separatist Terrorism and NOT against Tamil people.

Absolutely, NO Elam in Sri Lanka!
Derana TV Interview conducted by Dilka Samanmali


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