HowTo's: Download & Use San Andreas Camera Hack





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Uploaded on Jul 9, 2009

This application was created mainly for the PC version GTA: San Andreas. If this application manipulates your game or computer in a harmful way, neither I, nor the creator of this mod claim no responsibility. The creator of this modis not associated with Rockstar in any way and he's distributing this application free of charge, use at your own risk.

- Installation: Unzip all contents to any folder you wish. If the program fails to run then you might need the Visual Basic 6 runtimes available from Microsoft.

- Controls: Numpad * = Enable
Numpad / = Disable
Numpad 8 = Move Up
Numpad 2 = Move Down
Numpad 4 = Move Left
Numpad 6 = Move Right
Numpad + = Move Forward
Numpad - = Move Backward
Numpad 1 = Toggle Free Look Mode
Numpad 3 = Toggle Guages
Numpad 0 = Toggle Mouse Modifier
Numpad . = Switch Modes
Numpad 5 = Reset Position
Mouse Y = Pitch
Mouse X = Yaw
Mouse Z = Roll (Mouse-Wheel)
Left Bracket '[' = Increase FOV
Right Bracket ']' = Decrease FOV
Semicolon ; = Increase Aspect Ratio
Apostrophe ' = Decrease Aspect Ratio
P = Default FOV and Aspect Ratio
X = Save Current View
End = Toggle PLayer Visibility

- Usage:

1) Run Trainer/Hack

2) Edit options if needed (defaults suggested)

3) Start GTA:SA then press * (numpad multiply; default) to enable new cameras

4) You can safely Alt-Tab from GTA:SA and change settings
at any time

5) You can press / (numpad divide; default) to disable new cameras and return to defaults

- Notes:
* This will only work with v1.0 and v1.01 of GTASA

* You may need to Redefine your keys in San Andreas to accomodate for the
defaults of camhack

* To restore all defaults, close camhack, then delete 'config.ini' and
'*.cam' files, restart camhack

* There are 3 Camera Modes you can choose from;

0. Locked - Uses current vehicle as source

1. Locked (ped) - Uses player as source

2. Original Modified - Adjustable version of the original camera

* To get to the new in car views you must be at a view number higher than 5

* In this version only the in car views are editable! You can only use
Free-Look while on foot


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