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Published on Nov 22, 2008


This was a request from Brittnay864. She asked me to make an AU sparrabeth to this song.

this vid took me forever!!! I changed the story like 5 times, and still had to rearrange the song to make it work! And the result is still rather crapstastic. (sorry Brittnay I did my best.)


(back story)
Elizabeth is from the island of Marco. She is engaged to Aurthor, the king, and she is also a leader among it's people. it is a small island in the Carribean that has many resources like gold. Lord Beckett decides he wants to take over the island for the British empire, but the people of Marco are very skilled in the art of war so Beckett knows he will need more soldiers. He summons Jack and advises him that if the pirates are willing to fight for Britain they will be granted a full pardon for their past deeds, but if they wont fight, he will kill them all. ( This is actually not that far fetched since the British navy used to enlist pirates as both soldiers and mercanaries in exchange for payment and a truce.)

The vid begins with Beckett telling Jack about his plan for them to help in the war against Marco, Jack leaves and advise the brothren that they must fight for Beckett. The pirates are less then pleased, but go along with it begrudgingly.

The video switches pov's and we see Elizabeth and Aurthor watching the approaching navy ships come to their shores. They advise the knights of the land that they are at war.

The next scene shows the pirates invading Marco, and a battle ensuing, but Elizabeth is captured by the pirates and taken as a prisoner. Aurthor sees this and tries to go after them, but he is too late and sees the ship leaving shore with Elizabeth aboard. Elizabeth is placed in the brig.

We then see Jack in his cabin. He is beside himself, he feels guilty about killing what he considers innocent people, but also feels that me must do this to save his own skin. He goes down to fetch some more rum from down below and sees Elizabeth in the brig ( he had not previously known that she was taken prisoner.) He sees her looking sick and weak, and lets her out of the her cell.

Elizabeth and Jack start spending time together, they even manage to get away for a night, and go out to an island where they drink, sing, and talk. However, the next day Elizabeth feels terrible about fraterinizing with the enemy and knows that Aurthor and her people must think that she is dead.

She tells Jack that she must leave and return home. Jack, knowing that Beckett wouldn't be happy about him releasing a leader of Marco's people, tells Elizabeth that he can't let her leave. Elizabeth is angry, but suddenly sees one of Marco's battleships. A fight breaks out between the Pearl and the other ship and Elizabeth uses the battle as a chance to escape. She rows over to Marco's ship and makes her way back home. She arrives and sees that Aurther fighting a pirate. She watches him be killed.

Jack soon also arrives at Marco, and sees Elizabeth grieving over Aurthor's body. He feels horrible and tries to apologize, but Elizabeth is very angry and wont forgive him.

Jack realizes that he must end this war. He turns his ship againsts Beckett's and they kill him. Jack feels redeemed in a way, but still thinks of Elizabeth and her loss.

you'll have to watch to find out how it ends.

red border is Jack/ Port Royal's POV
blue border is Elizabeth/ Marco Island's POV
white border is Elizabeth's POV while she is taken captive by the pirates.

sorry for the long discription!


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