That's so Kaizo! Part 3/4





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Published on Apr 3, 2011

1) Shoot to the island in the sky (with a totally kaizo-ed item box!)
2) Find the 8 red coins (cut and pasted to crazy kaizo locations!)

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There was one chain-chomp in the original game. And now there's this.
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What a shame.
Noza Joza
nice name lol
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Kaizo Guitar Hero: Every note is a Chain Chomp, and you can't see shit.
Demonic Akumi
+SledgeHammerGai With no HoPos possible, and everything needs to be down-strummed.
All note charts are "Through The Fire and Flames."
NusuttoSan's Unlicensed Game Footage
Protip: if your hack requires savestates to play or enjoy then your hack sucks.
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+NusuttoSan's Unlicensed Game Footage (NusuttoSan) Kaizo 2 & 3 required pixel-perfect reaction time, but the original was fair, despite the ridiculous difficulty.
Netrac Freeman
or a rhythm game
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Kaizo Mario Sunshine: EVERY NPC IS A CHUCKSTER!
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I would actually play that.
Every Shine in Pianta Village involves taking 50 Chain Chomps to that hot spring.
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Did anyone else notice he changed the level name to Chain Chomp Battlefeild?
What really gets me about all of this is that he MADE these challenges, yet he doesn't know the angles to which he has to fire himself out of the cannon to get to certain locations. How do you DESIGN a challenge like that without knowing exactly how to accomplish it? Was he dumb-lucking his way through this?
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He didn't playtest it, he just stuck some stuff in random places.
Like I've said before, no one tests these hacks.
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Colin H
Damn, he's legitimately bad at his own hack. I guess this was supposed to be both a demonstration and guide for it, but he literally failed in every way. As a demonstration, he makes it look terrible by showing off everything that's annoying and illogical, and then actually becoming frustrated himself. As a guide, he cheaps out and tries to do everything quickly, but sucks at it. Every time he jumps in that cannon it amazes me that he didn't wait the two seconds for the fire to go out, but instead just jumps up and takes the damage. It's like he didn't even understand the whole point of the little challenges he made. The most hilarious and interesting thing about this is how badly his whole project turned out. He was a pretty inept romhacker, and an even worse advertiser. Still, it's kind of sad that he deleted all of his videos and disappeared. At least he found a little bit of that fame he apparently wanted, and four of his videos will live on.
I like your whole post except the end. I'm glad this self-important piece of fuck got romhacked out of the internet.
I clicked to pause the video, got up, and was confused when it kept going. I mixed up my mouse cursor with his. Even this video is rife with Kaizo trickery!
You think this is stupid, you should see the last Bowser level. INVISIBLE PATHWAYS LOL! This hack is fucking horrible and the guy who made it should feel bad. Play Star Road instead.
Flandre Scarlet
Star Road is pretty fun, I can confirm a year later.
You know that actually COULD work if he included a switch to make the path visible for a period of time, but nope, you're expected to memorize a path or look at a map as reference.
I bet Nintendo was laughing way too hard at Omega's video for how pathetic his game is before putting a copyright on it for 30 minutes.
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