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Published on Aug 24, 2011

you touched my life in so many ways. Made my spirit bigger, brighter, stronger. I could never find words to describe it or thank you for this. You have been my angels for a long time. I have decided to take a stand and speak for you in 2007. At that time, I was 12 years old, learning how to love and tyring to escape from the grief that the loss of my bestfriend in early January had left in my heart. I carry her with me, everywhere I go, she's the wind beneath the trees, the sunshine in the sky, the shadows on the ground. I love and miss her daily.

If love could have saved each of you, you would have lived forever with no doubt. So many families torned apart. This was a mind-opening video. Many children have come to my life in so many ways and left an inprint that I'll never forget, knowing that I did not add them all in this video, makes me shacke. makes me fear, and scream and cry. Not because I forgot. But because I just can't imagine or count how many they were. And how many stories I don't know. And how many families suffer everyday.

It has been a big journey. There are no words to explain how it changed who I am and made me the person I am now. Each of them is special to me in their own way. My heart is brocken at the thought that as I type this, more children, small, beautiful and innocent like them, are dying out there. I just want to stand up, reach out and hold them all.

People ask me why I do this. Why I care. Why I make such "sad" videos. The world ain't that beautiful. I remember the quote "There's too many people that suffer from something like that to be true". So, so right. Too many children that vanish in thin air, too many families left behind, people who experienced the stopping of the clock on the wall, the stopping of the calendar, the stopping of their "normal" lives. Too many people that had to adjust theirselves to the new "normal". A life without your children should never even be considered "normal".

I hope that with this video, you see how dangerous, evil and sick our world can be, but yet how beautiful, magical and enchanting can souls of children be, here for a moment, gone another.

They're the children of yeasterday, the ones that touch our hearts and leave their mark, encouraging us, deep inside, to make a difference so that tomorrow, a child lives.

the children:

Haylee Mazzella - Accidental Drowning
Caylee Anthony - murdered
Juliette Guerds - murdered
JonBenét Ramsey - murdered
Joana Pereira - childhood cancer
Afonso Couto - childhood cancer
Layla Marsh - childhood cancer
Ellie Potvin - childhood cancer
Sophie Quayle - childhood cancer
Elena Desserich - childhood cancer
mariluz cortes - murdered
kelsey briggs - child abuse
Riley Ann Sawyers - murdered
Lindsey Stelten - childhood cancer
Ava Rosemeyer - brain death (exposed to the heat)
Sarah Payne - murdered
Samantha Runnion - murdered
Marta Bessa (my bestfriend) - childhood cancer
Judson Levasheff - krabbe disease
francesca bimpson - arson crime
Ellie Lawrenson - mauled by dog
Delaney Wadsworth - childhood cancer
James Bulger - murdered
Max Nunn - childhood cancer
Sierra Ryan - childhood cancer
Alexander Brown - childhood cancer
Mara Adams - childhood cancer
Abigail Taylor - long effects of pool suction
Bryce Kameron - childhood cancer
Caylee Cepero - childhood cancer
Coble children - Car crash victims
Zahra Baker - child abuse & murdered (also,fought and won cancer)
Haleigh Cummings - Murdered
Isabella Broadhead - effects of innapropriate seat belt in a car crash
Destiny Champagne - accidental asfixiation
Ethan Jostad - childhood cancer
Jessica Lunsford - murdered
Jada Justice - murdered
Diogo sabrosa (family menber) - Accidental Drowning, his body was never found.
Boey Byers - childhood cancer
Isabella Nardoni - murdered
Nevaeh Buchanan - murdered
Sandra cantu - murdered
Isaiah Alonso - childhood cancer
Jessica and Holly - murdered
Sam Bish - childhood cancer
Billy King - Drowning, canooeing accident
Landyn Thacker - childhood cancer
Brendan Foster - childhood cancer



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