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Published on Jun 16, 2012

The Little Drummer Girl
by: Monica Marshall
Little drummer girl always carries her drum.
Her mother claps as she steps to the beat,
and she walks barefoot down the village streets.
Her hands move the drums.
She smiles in delight.
She plays loud in the day.
She plays softly at night.
Noon has arrived
The children laugh and dance around.
The sun shines on their faces
Can you hear the cheerful sounds?
Little Drummer Girl plays
No matter how tired she gets
Her hands move quickly
As she makes music with her sticks.
Nala lives down the village,
She greets her with a wave.
"Little Drummer Girl,
shall we dance today?
You can tap your drums.
I'll dance and you'll play!"
Nala taps her feet
and waves her hands to the sky.
She races to her own heart beat
She feels like she can fly!
Father is on the farm working hard and
dancing to the drums.
Villagers call this dance "Kassa"
The neighbors join the fun!

Little Drummer Girl dances.
She moves to her own sounds.
Soon there is a crowd
clapping their hands and jumping around.

Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Brothers
Grandmas, Grandpas, Cousins, and Friends.
They dance to Little Drummer Girl's drum
Until the day comes to an end.

The sun sets to the music.
The Little Drummer Girl
Bows to the crowd,
"My drum speaks our language.
For that I am proud!".

Momma sets the table.
The food is prepared and blessed.
"My drum is waiting for tomorrow",
Says The Little Drummer Girl,
"So I must soon get my rest."

West African Drums &

Do you dance, clap your hands, tap, or salsa?
Do you know where these dance styles come from?
West Africa is the home of many dance styles used around the world today!
Lots of Latin Music comes from African Drum rhythms.
The roots of Cuban music are derived from West Africa.
Have you ever danced in circles with your friends?
Circle dances predominated in West Africa, with people playing music
In the middle while people danced around them.
Children learned to dance at a young age, as well as their mothers and fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers, and so on.
Dancing with family and friends is a tradition for West Africans.
This is how they show love to one another, joy, friendship, and
Sometimes the people danced in hopes
Their crops will grow,
Or to tell a story.
West African dances are not all the same.
The Welcome dance is shown to welcome a new friend.
There are dances that show happiness and to celebrate a special day, birthday, or holiday.
There is also a coming of age dance, when children
celebrate becoming adults.
The Little Drummer Girl
Used her instrument, her drum, to encourage
others to dance.
The drum is the dancers language.
The dancer and drummer
Make music together.
Most African drums are called "Djembe".
Little Drummer Girl's father danced while working on his
This dance is called the "Kassa".
Her friend, Nala, dances with her hands and feet.
Most West African dancers stomp their feet and clap their hands
When dancing.
The next time you are playing the drums, stomping your feet, or dancing in circles with your friends,
You can tell the story of The Little Drummer Girl.

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