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Published on Jul 3, 2012

In the past a vehicle's electrical system consisted of a battery, alternator and starter with a couple of cables connecting them together. Today there are miles of wire and dozens of switches and computers that tie everything together. Figuring out a battery or electrical problem is no longer a parking lot job.

In this video Scott tells us all about batteries.

There are two main things that kill batteries; age and temperature. There is no such thing as a lifetime battery.

Most batteries have a predicted life of four to five years under normal conditions, but in extreme cold and very hot climates, batteries will last about a year less.

Any time you have a battery no-start or slow-start, we recommend you have a starting and charging diagnosis performed to test battery, alternator and cabling.

Before you jump start any vehicle, consult your owner's manual. In some later models, jump starting can damage the electrical system.

The best approach when jump-starting is to use a portable jump-start. Attach the positive lead first, followed by the negative. Then turn on the jump-start device.

If you are using booster cables always attach the booster cables to the host vehicle first. Connect the red positive lead, and then connect the black negative lead to the host battery.

On the disabled vehicle, attach the red positive to the battery and the black negative to the chassis. If you can't find a good negative ground it is ok to attach the negative lead to the negative post of the disabled vehicle. No matter if you are using a jump-starter or booster cables, leave the cables in place for a few minutes before turning on the car.

Batteries that don't accept a charge need to be replaced. The alternator is not intended to be a battery charger, but rather a battery maintainer. Relying on the alternator to make up for a bad battery can and often does damage the alternator.

If your battery needs to be replaced, Pep Boys will perform our never fail battery installation. It starts with attaching our memory saver so we don't lose the computer memory settings. Then, we will install a premium replacement battery. We will clean the battery tray, terminals, post and all attaching hardware. We will install anti-corrosion washers and coat the terminal ends with a protectant.

This season don't get stranded with a dead battery. Come to Pep Boys and we will test your battery for free.

Visit your neighborhood Pep Boys Auto Store today for your free battery check and shop online at http://www.PepBoys.com.

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