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Published on Aug 31, 2012

This is a contest. The order was purely determined by a vote. I had no personal input on the outcome of this list.

Well, guys, it's been 31 days and PokeMonth is finally coming to a close. Let me say right now that this month has been one of the best I've ever had both on YouTube and in my personal life. In my personal life, I got my first car and my junior year in high school started up. Yes, I actually like going to school, and I'm really enjoying how this year is turning out so far. But, I'm probably boring you guys with facts about me, and I've got a Q&A for that kind of stuff, so I'll talk about PokeMonth. This month has been more successful than I could ever have imagined. Firstly, I've managed to gain more than 500 subscribers in just a few weeks, and it's weird to think that I only had 100 to speak of so recently as March. Also, because I was dedicating myself to my favorite franchise of all time, I was able to produce some of my best countdowns ever, whether I was being in-depth and analytical, completely over the top with humor, or just simply gushing. But now, for the grand finale of PokeMonth, I present to you a list that was compiled not by just me, or even me and another countdown maker, but by YOU. On July 29, I released a contest, to vote for your three favorite legendary Pokemon of all time. Now, I had just under 1000 subscribers at the time, so I was hoping for maybe 100 people to vote, and even that seemed like a stretch. Well, I guess I need to have more faith in my viewers because, after 3 weeks, exactly 245 people cast a total of 687 votes. Trust me; I did not see that coming. Well, I've tallied the votes and determined the winner. Every single legendary Pokemon received at least 1 vote, and some of the entries are really very close to each other. In fact, the top two are only separated by three votes, and two of those were cast on the last day of voting. Now, a couple of you voted for Zoroark and another one of you voted for Missingno, and a couple of you even tried to cheat by voting twice. But, despite that, I'd say that this list was a huge success.

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Daniel Cole
seriously your random clips/jokes were really annoying.
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My top 10 legends: 10. Keldeo - Only one more hit and Kyurem would have been dead! 9. Moltres - I loved that movie. I felt sorry for the bird. What I loved the most was the design. 8. Diancie - THAT......GIGANTIC......GEM.... 7. Giratina - movie 1 - Tries to kil Dialga, movie 2 - wants to kill Arceus. 6. Jirachi - Wishmaker eh? GIVE ME ALL THE CANDY I WANT!!!!! (I was 8 when I watched that movie) 5. Darkrai - Hero in movie, kicks Ash's a** in the anime and is an a**hole in PMD 2. 4. Lugia - He a**kicks the bird trio in the movie and has the best legendary music evah! 3. Deoxys - Just look at him kicking Rayquaza's a** in the movie and then getting a**kicked by him. That's a nasty fight.(was 8 when I watched that movie) 2. Yveltal - No reason to explain. Everyone knows what I'm talking about. 1. Both normal and unbound Hoopa - He teleports islands to Hoenn and makes legends guard those islands. What a little bada**!
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Peter Buddendeck
Lugia should be #1 THAT THEME DOE!
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Daniel Petersen
I love Giratina, so I think he should be1#
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I do not agree with the numbers.... lugia deserves the number 1 Tbh -.-
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Eagle Gamer259
lugia is the best
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Springy 22
But where is Arceus he is the strongest pokemon ever
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Reason for order of pokedex Oak: Mr. Fugi?! what a surprise! what have you come to talk about? Fuji: Why, a new Pokemon called mewtoo. here is the info. Oak: cool (puts in data) anything else? Fuji: oh, i forgot to say that this is a clone. of Mew. Oak: Oh whate- WHAT!? A CLONE! AND I PUT IT BEFORE THE ORIGINAL?! Fuji: you didn't put it in already? .....................oops......
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