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Published on Oct 17, 2008

Requested by Elyse..since..for ever XD
and she sent the aud and the vid..*but she can't wait till I finish writing the whole des. :P*

The line with the *..is cursed -.-'..I didn't undertsand it nor my friends did..and one of them is Egyptian lol
So, who ever figure it out, feel free to tell and I'll post it here.

Not a fan of this song, but I adore the chorus, Grandma Willow and of cours Pocahontas voices.

Grandma Willow is by the great Egyptian actress Amina Rizq (RIP)
Random words:
Ka'enat = كائنات = Creatures
Insan = إنسان = Human
Bani Adam = بني آدم = Son of Adam (Human)
Bani Admeen = بني آدمين = Humans
Guludhom = جلودهم = Their skins
Tubul = طبول = Drums
Harb = حرب = War
Dalili = دليلي = My guider
Ahmar = أحمر = Red
Laban = لبن = Milk/yogurt
Nisr = نسر = Eagle
Gabbar = جبار = Mighty
Hob = حب = Love
A'adar = أقدار = Destinies
Sut = صوت = Sound/Voice
Zibala = زبالة = Trashe/s

Have fun ;)

Pocahontas is (c)Disney
No copyright infringement is intended

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Swordsmanof Satsuma
For a moment I forgot this was a kids movie.
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Anna Smiley
Pocahontas has a beautiful voice when she sings in Arabic, very natured 
Holly Wilborn
More powerful in Arabic... Sadly I don't understand all of it. :( One day, insha2allah..
Indecisive Figure
IMO, this version has the strongest chorus, but the rest of song really feels emotionless and monotone
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بوكاهنتس صوتها حلو بس مرة كبير على الشخصية هي عمرها 18 مو 30 =(
Hi... I like the sound of Arabian language, but, as I noticed with the Song from ...."Notre Dame", when Frollo sings: Why don't they let Christians have their God and the Indians to have theirs?! T... You can see that they are Indians, or Catolic, or even Greek (Hercules) why changin names and "Gods"?! There are other cultures, and at other times people believed in other God(s), I don't think it's allright just to overdub it... Could you explain me that? Have a nice evening!
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Asriel Dreemurr
his low and serious tone of voice is somewhat fitting for this scene.
Thank you for this video; it is amazing! I just subscribed to your channel :). Do you happen to have Dumbo songs dubbed in Arabic? Greetings from Mexico!!
God this reminds me of Syrians, Palestinians etc . May God keep them safe. SO POWERFUL. THE CHOIR AND POCA ARE SOOOOOO MAJESTIC ^^ Love the part Bani Adam. Yeah, in Malay, Bani Adam or anak-anak Adam means human litterally ^^
Camilo Castro
I love the videos you upload, where do you get ahold of the actual movies in the Ammeya Egyptian?? 
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