DxE Madison: Disrupt #Februdairy (Full Footage)




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Published on Feb 27, 2018

Activists with Direct Action Everywhere Madison disrupt #Februdairy at the local Festival Foods to tell the truth about the dairy industry.

Speakout by Lawrence:

We are activists from Direct Action Everywhere! We are here to tell the truth about the dairy industry.
Imagine that you are forcefully impregnated in what is called a rape rack, you carry your baby for nine long months and after giving birth you are so overjoyed. Your happiness is short lived however as your new born baby is stolen away, right before your eyes. You scream out in terror begging and begging to be with your baby. Now you are hooked up to a milking machine to pump the milk out of your body that is meant for your baby. The excessive milking causes painful bloody infections in your nipples. This sexual exploitation, kidnapping and physical abuse is repeated over and over for your whole life. Finally, you collapse from the emotional and physical exhaustion only to be dragged out and shipped to a slaughterhouse for your body to be chopped up and sold for profit. This is the life of millions of mothers in the dairy industry.

Now Imagine you are one of your male babies. Just after coming into the world you are ripped away from your mother, never to see her again, just so another animal can drink the milk she makes for you. Since you are a male baby, you are shackled in a tiny crate that you can barely move in. You are so scared because you cry out for the comfort of your mother, but she never comes. Since you are imprisoned in a crate that you cannot even turn around in, your muscles waste away. Now that you barely have enough muscle to stand let alone walk, you are dragged onto a truck and sent to a slaughterhouse. There you find yourself being forced down an alley. Suddenly you are stunned from a bolt gun shot. You are hung upside down and your throat is slit as you watch the blood drain from your body. This is the life of millions of babies in the dairy industry.

Speakout by Adia:

As humans grow up, we stop drinking our mother’s milk. Why would we drink milk from a different mother then? What makes us think we have the same nutrient needs as a baby cow? Well, the dairy industry manipulates facts and sells you these lies by spending 100s of millions of dollars, so you and your children hear these messages in schools, through advertisements, from the government and even from your own doctor. I repeat, the dairy industry spends 100s of millions of dollars so that you believe the lies and do not know the truth about the lives of cows and the incredibly negative affect that dairy products have on your own health.
Humans are not designed to consume dairy products! About 75% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. Consuming dairy products increases your risks of developing diabetes, obesity, and heart disease when heart disease makes up for 1 in 3 deaths in the U.S. in 2017, that’s a death every 40 seconds.
You might also not know that by consuming dairy products made from abused mothers like milk, cheese, yogurt, and Ice-cream that you are at a greater risk for reproductive cancers like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and prostate cancer.
These are alarming facts when the national school lunch program requires the availability and encouragement of dairy consumption for children.
There are plenty of plant-based products that taste amazing like almond milk, cashew milk, tapioca cheese, nut cheese, almond milk ice cream and cashew milk ice cream just to name a few.
There is no excuse for contributing to the sexual exploitation of any mother and the mental and physical torture that her and her baby have to endure. IT’S NOT FOOD, IT’S VIOLENCE

Video by Katherine


“Liberation” by Ernesto Melchor


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