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Published on Jan 3, 2012

Here's some more Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3! I haven't played in well over 2 weeks, but apparently I gathered just enough ability to play this game to actually lose some until I get a warmup.

Thanks, russdragon and PokemonBr4wl for the advice on what to do. I can now do dashes and Super Jumps that don't just go straight up, but I still have trouble actually applying them when there's someone constantly trying to attack me. You guys explained to me many other things, but I'm going to see if I can apply them bit by bit.

It took me 3 years of playing Melee, for instance, to get accustomed to shielding and rolling, then Brawl's release to get used to sidestepping. The games play in 2-D, so I'm used to 2-D platforming games, with a lot of jumping, stomping, and invincibility frames after you get hit, not when you're hitting.

Match #1
vs. skullXdibbles
Wesker, C. Viper, and Iron Man
Vergil, Wolverine, and Phoenix
No, not Phoenix Wright the lawyer, but just plain Phoenix. She has by far the lowest HP of any character, but her schtick is that if you have all 5 bars of the Hyper Combo gauge when her HP runs out, it will replenish, she will resurrect as Dark Phoenix, and her attacks become crazy strong. She's been toned down a lot since the original Marvel vs. Capcom 3 where she's a staple on competitive teams. For some reason, my opponent decided to use Hyper Combos, resulting in Phoenix not getting enough bars by the time she appears, which led to a surprise victory for me, my first match of the day.

And yes, AirsickD3, I would have joined you, but by the time I finished what I was doing, each time I got the request, you were doing something else.

Requested by kXKKZ

Match #2
vs. GBearTrust
Morrigan, Phoenix Wright, and Amaterasu
Deadpool, Wolverine, and Captain America
Why do I get so many Okami fans? I remember I used to get repeated requests to play through Okami, and now Amaterasu is the most requested character for this game. I'm not bothered by Okami fans being drawn to my videos, except that I can't really find an explanation for it.

In this match, I demonstrate to you another benefit of being in Turnabout Mode for Phoenix Wright: His assists get stronger as he goes from Investigation to Courtoom to Turnabout Mode. Previously, his "Press the Witness" assist was totally invincible, but a recent update (along with Heroes & Heralds) took away the invulnerability.

Requested by realgod1002

Match #3
Vergil, Dante, and Trish
Vergil, Iron Man, and Deadpool
These are the Devil May Cry characters. Must be a fan of the series. Well, my characters, at least. I had an early lead, presumably because my opponent couldn't tell which Vergil is which whereas I could, because that was the only point in the match where I had the edge. At least I got rid of Vergil.

And yeah, I lost the ability to jump up after doing the Launcher. I actually do the input, but I must be mistiming it. Atleast I got the Achievement "Hellbent," which means I've played 100 matches total.

Requested by Suizanagi


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