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Published on Aug 11, 2012

Enjoy this full version of ODDS&ENDS that was just leeked.
Update: official upload by Sony is here http://youtu.be/iOFZKwv_LfA

Reprint from NND - I do not own this. If you like the song, please support the creator and buy his/her album.

Title: ODDS&ENDS .
Original upload: http://nico.ms/sm18592204 .

Music by ryo (supercell) .
MyList: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/3291521
VocaDB: http://vocadb.net/Artist/Details/67 .

Vocals by Hatsune Miku (初音ミク), Vocaloid 2.

Song and music video copyright and published by Sony Music.

VocaDB entry: http://vocadb.net/S/15662 .

English lyrics (http://www.languagebymusic.com/2012/0...)

You're always someone who gets laughed at
Whatever you do, it never goes well
In the end it's all washed away by the rain
You say your favorite umbrealla has been sent flying away by the wind
That stray over there, it did a
Great job stepping all over you,
As always you're someone who's been hated,
Without any reason even, people keep their distance from you
But you try giving it your best
There has to be a reason, "For no reason at all?" you think
You're at a loss and you've become sad

If that's the case you should use my voice
That's impossible to understand by people
"How annoying to the ear, how cruel the voice is"
They may say
It can surely become your strength
So try making me sing
Yeah, with your words, and your words alone

Compose them, and bring them together
Because I'll be singing those words
Paint out your ideals
I won't let anyone touch those feelings

And then the voice of the odds and ends resounds
Unskillfully bringing together the truth
With all your might, raise your voice at the top of your lungs

One day you became famous
You were idolized, and I also held my head up high
But one day, you also changed
You became coldhearted, but you seemed so lonely

We already have enough mechanical voices
So I'll be myself
So now you've come to hate me
Behind you, someone says
"And yet you're just someone who uses others powers as your own"
You were always crying on your own... weren't you

Can you hear it? This voice
Because I'll erase those words
Me, I understand,
The fact that you're nicer than anyone else

And then the voice of the odds and ends sing
For no one other than you
It jars itself, and passes the limits

How many lots of words have
We hit upon I wonder
And we yet can't think of not one word now
But we've figured out just about everything
"Oh right, this just surely just a dream.
Where I met you who I'll never awaken with, yeah, that kind of dream."

As the Odds and Ends had such a happy smile on
No matter much you called it, it wouldn't move
You cry and shout to the ending you should've wished for
"It's a lie, it has to be a lie"
Yes, cry and shout.

"I'm powerless,
I can't even act as savior for the only Odds and Ends "
Your feelings, bit by bit
Wet your cheeks as tears

At that time, just as
The world was changing that
Color in a big way
Sadness and pleasure,
Everything will be
Understood as one

My words turn into songs and
Once again the world starts to go round, for you
Entrust your intentions in that voice
Now, those feelings will resound

Japanese lyrics at http://www5.atwiki.jp/hmiku/pages/220...

uploaded for Cerra

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