bill from tokio hotel at a interview 2001

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Publicado el 1 may. 2006

This is a video of Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel 2001. When he ws 13 he took part of a casting show called "Star Search" This is a interview before the show started!

Interview with Bill in Englisch!

Speaker: When he`s on stage girls` dreams come true: Bill, Singer from Tokio Hotel.
3 years ago akte (the show) made an interview with the young talent. At that time Bill had a big stage-fright and played games to amuse.
"Are you excited, Bill?" Bill: " Yes, totally. I think i`ve never been so excited! It`s so blatant! It`s very excited yet. Normally you only say things like this in the TV! And now you`re there. It`s so cool."
Speaker: Today Bill pads Germany`s concert halls every week! The Tokio Hotel Concert tour is almost sold out. But three years ago his music taste was different.
Speaker: "wow! Great!" Bill presents this song at a casting show and lost.
But already at this time he knew why he wanted to act on stage.
Bill: "I went on the stage and i trempled, but when i started singing i thought: "its good" and then i enjoyed it. And all public and how they cried. And thats`s great, yes."
Bill cried after his first chance, which he lost, but at this time he couldn`t know that the girls love him three years ago.


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