Full Circle 2 Love Is On It's Way (A JBLS) Ch 1 The Reunion





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Published on Feb 3, 2009

Six months have officially past since the boys said goodbye to their lovers to go on trips for a half of a year. The girls havent heard from them because the boys have written they can never get service. All the girls are back in school waiting patiently.

Shannon: *slams her locker* I cannot wait till we graduate.
Annie: Who knows maybe the boys will be back today, to sweep us off of our feet, and Michele you can get married!
Michele: *laughs* I dreamt of that fantasy but it never happens.
Katie: What if Taylor met some hot chick?
Kaitlyn: Look you guys are being so dramatic, Im going to Chemistry I will see you later.

Kaitlyn starts walking when a boy from her Social Studies class comes over.

Dude: Hey Kaitlyn. *leans really close to her*
Kaitlyn: Back off.
Dude: *smiles* Why?
??: She said get off of her.
Kaitlyn: *smiles* Thank you.
??: Dont you recognize me?
Kaitlyn: No.
??: *takes off sunglasses and hat* Hey babe.
Kaitlyn: KELLAN! *runs and hugs her man*
Kellan: Hey baby. *kisses her* I have missed you a lot.
Kaitlyn: Oh I am not done kissing you. It has been six months.
Kellan: *laughs* Look dont tell any of the girls yet. The boys each have their own way of telling them.

***With Annie***

Annie: Dumb school. *goes by the water fountain when someone pushes it for her*
David: *smiles* Need help?
Annie: DAVID!! *hugs and kisses him*
David: You missed me that much?
Annie: Umm yeah.

***With Michele****

Michele: Ohhhhhh I hate school.
Kevin: Do you hate me fiancée?
Michele: KEVIN! *kisses Kevin* We got to get the wedding back up.
Kevin: Yes I know. Right now I just missed you so much.

****With Katie****

Katie: *singing* Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone.
Taylor: *comes from around the corner and starts singing* Ive been waiting all theres left to do is run
Katie: TAYLOR! *runs and kisses Taylor*
Taylor: Oh I missed you so much.
Katie: Did you meet some hot chick?
Taylor: *laughs* Only you my darling.

**With Shannon**

Shannon: *listening to her iPod* BURNING UP FOR YOU BABY!
Principal: I will take that. *snatches her iPod*
Nick: Hey she needs that. *takes it right back*
Principal: Nick
Shannon: NICK!
Nick: Yeah thats right principal move along. *The principal moves right along*
Shannon: My baby!!!!
Nick: Hey sweetheart. Miss me?
Shannon: *folds her arms* No.
Nick: Really? Cause your all I thought about. I tried going on a satellite to get service. And I thought you loved me.
Shannon: Nick relax. I was kidding. *laughs and kisses him* I missed that and you.

**With Samantha and William**

William: So tomorrow?
Samantha: *giggles* Yeah. I cant believe you came to our school to ask me that.
William: *laughs* Yeah I will see you tonight.
Samantha: Same time same place?
William: *winks* Definitely. *kisses her cheek and Joe walks around the corner and William leaves*
Joe: Hey baby! *runs and tries to kiss Samantha but she resists and everyone walks around the corner* Why did you back away? Is it my breathe.
Samantha: No it is you.
Joe: Huh? Is it someone else?
Samantha: *nods head*
Joe: *laughs* You know its funny because so many girls asked me out but I said no thinking you were at home.
Annie: How could you do that Samantha?
Samantha: *kisses Joes cheek* I think we need space.
Joe: Great. Just great. *runs toward the parking lot*
Nick: We better go talk to him.
Shannon: No let me do it, I know what it is like to get dumped like that. *glares at Samantha and runs after Joe*

**With Shannon and Joe**

Shannon: Hey Joe.
Joe: What do you want?
Shannon: To say hey? And to forget her.
Joe: Okay but what if your backup is taken?
Shannon: *Rolls eyes* Kiss her right now. And aplogize to the boyfriend.
Joe: Okay. *Kisses Shannon* Now Im not apologizing.

Think I was going to end it?
Yeah right.


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