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Published on Jul 23, 2014

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An Insider's View By Chani Boyce

"It has to be perfect or we might kill someone." It's not easy to shoot a good video, but if you might actually be responsible for sending someone to the hospital if you mess up? You triple check everything you do. Unfortunately, anyone who's ever worked on set knows... something is bound to go wrong. It was my first time ever doing anything like this... so here's my view from the inside.

When the idea of doing a paintball video came up, we all thought it was a fantastic idea... that we wouldn't be able to pull off without maiming someone. It's one thing to take a paintball when you're playing, but to sit and take 800 shots? Nobody in their right mind would do it.

It was a logistical nightmare. We originally wanted 800 people to fire a single shot at the family. It would have been cinematically epic... and impossible. Trying to control a crowd of 800 people with guns? Not possible. Thankfully we realized we could equip ~50 people with semi-automatic guns instead.

When Jeff tested the paintballs, we thought we'd have to give up. When Fiberfix first came up, I was skeptical until I went and we built the first two sets of armor which took 6+ hours. By the end we started getting creative; we honed our skills and made use of a cast saw.

More problems soon cropped up. We couldn't get enough guns to cover the shoot, so we bought them hoping they would arrive on time. We ordered 16,000 paintballs. Even getting shirts screened was a problem because people here didn't want to print swears. Thankfully, the shirts were obtained, the guns arrived two days early, but only half of the paintballs had arrived.

The day before the shoot I had 2 sets of armor to build that night, and the postman didn't get into the building, so our paintballs were due to deliver the NEXT day... when we'd be an hour away trying to set up. After a few frantic phone calls, and they came back that day to deliver the paint.

Derek (from FiberFix) and I met two of our stunt doubles at the studio the night before, and we spent hours making the last sets of armor. My arms were black from unintentional exposure to the Fiberfix resin, but at least I wasn't going to be responsible for anyone's injury the next day.

We all got to the studio early to assemble the set and the guns, trying to make sure everything was perfect. I ran countless errands to get everything we might need. I made flyers, and Neal and I went downtown, handing them out trying to recruit more people for that night.

As we got back that we realized I was supposed to be getting stunt doubles in their armor, helping to hood the actors on set AND checking people in, making them sign waivers and handing them a gun. At the same time. Thankfully we had an amazing crew and friends that stepped up and helped out. We did two takes of the main shoot before most of the people left, and then extra shots from a few of us who stayed later before everyone left ~1am.

After the first cut we realized we needed more shots. We had 14 hours to pull everything together... again. We made 6am trips, called in favors and rounded up ~15 people. Another full day of filming produced close ups of the shooters, our guns, the palm shot and desecrated roses.

Finally we had all the footage we needed. 10 drafts later and hours of watching the same clips over and over for tiny details, debating pros and cons of music, sound and order of cuts...

It isn't easy or cheap to shoot a video. So though our team has lost countless hours of sleep trying to make it perfect... we want to share our message: there are people out there who are fighting the filth of the world. We join them to protect our families and our future. Because we understand that ALL media has impact; It's time we made it positive!


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