Count On You Chapt. 26 [Thanksgiving With The Jonases]





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Published on Sep 14, 2012

Summer's P.O.V:
I get into the front of Dalton's expedition strapping on my seatbelt. I look in the back watching Vanessa strap Lucas into his carseat. Grace is on the other side of him with Eliza sitting in the way back. Dalton finishes securing the food in the trunk before getting in the front.

Dalton: Everyone ready?

They all say yes, but I just nod. I nervously smooth down my brown dress. It comes just below my knees and is dressed up with a snowflake necklace, a birthday present from Alex a few years ago. I feel someone take my hand. I look and see Dalton, who's driving with just one hand now.

Dalton It's going to be okay Rapunzel.
-I don't know why I'm so nervous.
Dalton: Maybe you-

He rolls his eyes and returns both hands to the wheel. He eventually up at this huge house. It's like a mansion. It spreads out across the land and is surrounded by perfectly trimmed trees and flowers. I am so not in Kansas anymore.

I get out of the car, taking Lucas. The others get out too, all staring at the house. I let out a deep breath and lead them to the door, letting Luke ring the bell. A tall woman with curly hair the same color as Joe's opens the door. She's wearing an apron over a black pantsuit. Behind her I can see a beautiful foyer. She smiles and the minute she speaks, I know she's Denise.

Denise: You must be Summer.
-I am.
Denise: I'm Denise. It's so nice to finally meet you.

She surprises me by giving me a hug. I can't do much but hug her back with the arm not holding my son.

-Thank you so much for inviting us.
Denise: Oh it's no problem hon.

She pulls off, still smiling.

-This is my brother, Dalton, my sister Gracelyn, but we all call her Grace, my friends Eliza and Vanessa and my son, Lucas.
Denise: He's adorable.
-Thank you.

We all laugh and Denise lets us in. I put Lucas down and soon Madison and Maddox run over, only to lead him away. Kevin takes Dalton into the den to check the score on the game. Nick runs over and instantly disappears with Vanessa. Eliza is led off for a house tour by Dani and Katie, Dani's sister starts to take Grace off somewhere.

-Behave Gracelyn.

She rolls her eyes.

Grace: Yes Summer.

The two of them walk off. Denise leads me into the kitchen where I see Joe.

He looks amazing. He's wearing a black polo shirt that show off his muscle and khaki pants. Summer, stop it. He's not that cute. He turns to me and smiles. Okay, I'm right. He's not cute. He's so incredibly hot! He walks over to me, wrapping me into a hug so I can smell him. He smells of Axe and hairspray. I wrap my arms around him after a minute and kiss his cheek.

Joe: Happy Thanksgiving.
-Happy Thanksgiving.
6+comments guys, please? I know it's a short chapter, but it has cute moments.


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