Syria Tanks Blast Homes in Baba Amr as Vengeful Dictator Destroys City 10-29-11





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Uploaded on Oct 29, 2011

Raw Video of Syria Army of Dictator Bashar Assad destroying Apartment buildings in Baba Amr City in the Homs Region on October 29, 2011.
Over 44 people were killed by this Dictator on Friday, October 28, 2011 as Regime militia and army attacked mosques, towns and cities across the nation in an effort to terrorize the population and to enforce obedience to the 41 year ruling Assad Family Dynasty.
Assad is Worse than Gadaffi and needs to be overthrown by the Syria people with the help of NATO and other International Forces. Assad has attacked our Cities and Towns as though we are Enemy Territory. Assad has attacked Syrian Cities with his Army, private Militia, Tanks, Artillery, Naval Gunships and Helicopter Gunships. Assad has even used Jet Warplanes to attack Protest Rallies. Assad has burned homes, stores, farms and has killed our livestock and poisoned our water supplies. Thousands of Syrians have been arrested, tortured to death, dismembered and shot down in the streets by the Dictators Army. We are going to over throw this Depraved Sadistic Regime and will Treat Bashar Assad the same way our Libyan Rebel Brothers treated Gadaffi when they finally captured that monster
LCC -- Syria partial News for Friday, October 28, 2011

Documented death toll today rose to 44 martyrs with at least 21 in Homs, 14 in Hama, 3 in Daraa and 2 in Idlib

Martyrdom of Mohammad Aloush, and another person was seriously injured as a result to heavy shooting by army units on the barricade located on the southern entrance

A sit-in for the release of the detainees and in solidarity with the besieged cities, the forces of order and Shabiha tried to disperse the sit-in to no avail, which led to the fall of three wounded

Hajr Aswad
Sounds of explosions were heard in West Korneesh Route accompanied by the establishment of a security barrier separating the region from surrounding areas

Deir Ezzor
Security Forces and armed gangs (shabiha) shoot heavily into protest in Takaya street to disband it
Local Coordination Committees in Syria partial news update for 10-27-11

Death toll in Syria today rose to 18 martyrs 2 of them are children: 7 in Homs, 7 in Hama Suburbs "5 in Kernaz and 2 in Qalat

Madeq" 2 in Daraa "1 in Daeel and 1 in Busra Al-Sham" 2 in Tartous " 1 in Jableh and 1 in Lattakia

Damascus suburbs
A night protest in AlJisr (Bridge) district chants for besieged cities and demands for releasing all opinion detainees

2,000 demontrators are chanting in solidarity with Homs and the besieged cities

More than 2,000 demontrators are chanting to topple the regime an to prosecure the president

A demonstration in Daraa Balad chanting for the toppling of the regime and freedom

A massive demonstration is taking place in the city and heading to the house of child martyr Amjad Asmi chanting to the martyr and demanding to topple the regime

A night demonstration went out chanting to topple the regime and demanding to prosecute the president

A demonstration is taking place chanting for the besieged cities and to topple the regime

A massive demontration went out chanting to topple the regime, security forces faced it by live ammunition

A demonstration in Salahuddin neighborhood chanting to topple the regime and for Homs and the besieged cities

Raids and arrest campaign reached more than 10 people

Demonstrations in neighborhoods of Qusoor, Karama, Gharb Mashtal, Sabonieh and Janoob Mala'ab chanting to topple the regime

Deir Ezzor
Night demonstrations went out in neighborhood of Jbaileh and Takaya street chanting for the Syrian National Council and demanding to topple the regime

A demonstration in Qobyan neighborhood chanting for the toppling of the regime and condemning the position of the Arab League

ري برس هام باباعمرو قصف المنازل 29 10 2011


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