Jacob Appelbaum (Part 1/2) Digital Anti-Repression Workshop - April 26 2012




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Published on Apr 27, 2012

Filmed April 26, 2012, 12pm. Q & A workshop with Jacob Appelbaum, computer security researcher, on mobile phone security, cellphone forensics, state repression and surveillance.

Also in the video, Laura Poitras filts around in the background filming, clips of which later ends up in her film "Citizenfour".

Time Code/Description
0:00 introduction
1:05 jake appelbaum introduction to the surveillance state.
5:00 metadata, data collection, linkability
9:40 cispa
10:40 national security letter (nsl)
14:25 2703d metadata notice 18 USC § 2703(d)
16:50 audience poll on cellphones and tracking
17:40 cellphone forensics, cellebrite device
20:30 bill binney nsa, linkability, traffic analysis
24:30 cisco
25:00 controlling the narrative
25:20 stylometry, anonymouth
28:35 traffic analysis
29:20 question on cellphone tampering
30:30 gov't backdoors, US v. Jones (2012), gps tracking
33:50 question on cellphone malware, defending against passive attacks. threat models beat cop vs. nsa
35:10 nsa electromagnetic tempest attack.
40:10 question on nypd, dhs, fbi, and nsa sigint capabilities
42:00 gnu radio, imsi catcher
44:38 broken window theory, resistance and activism
49:45 question on advocacy, rules, demands. answered with church committee, accountability, ron wyden commission, no secret laws, no warrantless wiretapping, no promotion of insecure systems allowing wiretapping, and story of
51:25 killing the son of anwar al-awlaki, due process vs. judicial process.
56:00 question on basic do's and don'ts, practical tips. rubberhose firesystem, truecrypt, usefulness/practicality of deniability passphrases, transparency.
1:02:20 question of deniability, guilty until proven innocent.
1:04:15 mutually assured information destruction (maid)
1:05:00 getting around crytography, powerline analysis attacks
1:07:10 building alternatives to commercial software and hardware. open software, open hardware, imsi catcher catcher.
1:11:40 calyx privacy-by-design isp.
1:12:55 tor network
1:15:00 mixmaster
1:16:20 tails debian

Part 1/2 highlights the "theoretical" side of things

Part 2/2 emphasizes the practical.

Video documentation by Robert K. Chin


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