Planet X News for Sunday, July 29, 2012 Obama Close to Announcing Extinction Level Event





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Published on Jul 30, 2012

The ZetaTalk Newsletter comes out every Sunday and has be almost 100% accurate in their predictions, so if you're keeping up with Planet X news, you might want to hear this reading of the newsletter and commentary by someone who has been studying Planet X for about a decade. The Bible writes about Wormwood; The ancients called it 'The Destroyer'; The ancient Sumerians called it Nibiru and some of you think it's not real, but you can't explain the weird weather, the record number of volcanoes, the sharp increase in frequency and magnitude of earthquakes, sinkholes all over the globe, bridges falling down, the earth wobble and the fact that all the planets are heating up, as well as their moons. Al Gore is a bore and his science is laughed at, by real scientists. The idea that a 1 degree rise in the temperature of the atmosphere could raise the earth's core, some 4,000 miles away by thousands of degrees, so that the polar ice caps are melting, is ludicrous. We know he's a liar, but since received a Nobel Prize, it seems the corruption and cover up goes much deeper. Governments all over the world have been silent, about Planet X, but some are now starting to open up and tell the people the truth, finally and it's about time. If you live within 100 miles of the coast, you might want to consider the possibility of a Planet X in the inner solar system, because it answers all of the above questions about earthquakes, volcanoes and the other planets heating up, suddenly

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Whicket Williams
f you will shut Your opinions off and stuck with facts, I might listen as is, I tuned you in for the first time, and after listening until bored to tears and hearing nothing but bloviating, you out.
Under Surveillance
is that what matters to you is your fucking views?
p.b. moss
you say you won't believe  "PLANET X " until you see it for yourself . FYI ; when "NIBIRU " & its system goes through, the shift , from begin to end will only take 28 mins. . meaning; when you "SEE"  this event coming(, YOU WON'T HAVE TIME ) to do nothing other than .........bend over and KISS YOUR ASS GOOD-BYE !  anybody who offer to put a time line on this event,would not be being truthful . those who really know this info , are NOT ALLOW ed  to grant this knowledge . so don't give up on the knowledge you have already  been granted . be thankful someone thinks enough of us , to give us a heads up on ,the what...the where....the how...even the after . really there is no need to know the when .  with 28 mins. ......you won't have time to save yourself anyway ! ! ! !  IN FACT ! if you are not already prepared ,you may as well enjoy what little life you have left !
If the elite Nazis are in an underground bunker, they will probably be crushed or trapped if the earth's tectonic plates shift.  They will be going to their tombs and good ridden.  There will be survivors on the surface. 
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Todd Matthews
dont be deceived by fairytails, your god was propagated by the ruling elite, is is fact
Todd Matthews
love your channel, and views on "religions" brilliant work brother
Thank you! I will make an annotation on the video, at that spot and give you credit!
Hubert Geelen
Hello BTC Thanks for your videos, that i like to say the least. At 1.52.20 in the video there were some questions about 'AGW and 'IPCC'. I digged in the internet and found : AGW : stands for Anthropogenic Global Warming, meaning global warming originating in human activity or caused by humans. IPCC stands for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an organization established by the UN. Much greetings and sympathy from Hubert Geelen, Antwerp, Belgium.
Kalina Masarz
Astral People from Reverse speech pass the massage (Peggy Kane )"- Planet X is really and it is good for us not for Illuminati . Thank you for speaker about religion stuff . Poland is full of this crap i am so tired be with catholic energy in this country . 
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