I Knead You (Pun Rap)





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Published on Sep 21, 2013

A song that I made with as many puns as I could possibly fit in it, hope you like it!

They hatin' on me now but even more when I show up
A new challenger's appeared, make like rockets and blow up
I be oozin' straight swag so take a sip
I'm a sexually timid diner I pay just the tip
Straight up out Illini from the Chi city suburbs
and I'm lookin' like a boss from the drawers to the cupboards
I am a good kid I've never been to jail, man
bitches wanna bite me I am the frickin' mailman
I got so much stuff, I should be on hoarders
And them Mexican girls love me can I have no borders
I got quarters, stacks, it's crazy it's insane
people call me full zombie cuz I get a lot of brain
When them bitches see me at Macy's, they may seize
and I hand 'em some sick tracks like "play these"
Haters think they're whales, I'm like go ahead swallow me.
I don't need a twitter man the ladies still follow me.

If I was a baker, you'd be my dough 'cuz I need you
And if I was a deer, you'd be my doe 'cuz I need you.. like sexually

Yeah, who got them dolla dolla bills?
So tell them other rappers how that holla holla feels.
What we doin' tonight? She asks me what's the deal
If you like clubbing, I know where to find some baby seals.
My raps are kinda dirty, go get me a censor
The only influence I'm ever under's influenza
I don't want a cat 'cuz I don't wanna get 'em declawed.
But I also don't want my D clawed.
I don't need a weave, I got real hair
I'm a walking faux pas (paw) like your dogs wheelchair
Flow so icy I make Inuits hard,
When I'm in you it's hard, unless I'm not into it, sorry
You know a pacifist's the only one who peace out,
you just go stupid like you just got your wisdom teeth out
Say I don't talk hood enough I'm sorry 'cuz you're right
but "I got a new whip" comes out different when you're white

If I was a sheep, you'd be my girl 'cuz I need ewe
And if I was Bane, you'd be Bruce Wayne's spine 'cuz I kneed you. Sorry 'bout kneeing you

You like these lines? keep it up I got a myriad
These rappers who say they got flow are just on they're period
Jive turkey's make me sleepy. Tryptophan.
Fuck shit up 'til it hits the fan
I eat rappers, yeah that's right, I'll make a meal of ya.
You think you're fly? You ain't even Earhart, Amelia.
Tryna get a handle on me? Stop it. Now.
You say you're shy? I'm shyer (Shire). Hobbit. Wow.
If life's a book, I'm flippin' page after page
I'm tryna find a point in time where I'll start acting my age.
I'm like Nicholas. You need to find me a cage.
And I'm a national treasure, they tryna lock me away
but I'm the hero of tomorrow when all other hope is lost,
And the poor callin' me Zorro, I'm like "well I am a fox"
while you hookin' up with slamma jammas from Louisiana
Waking up with morning wood, that's bananas in pajamas

I think I'm out of puns that have something to do with "I need you"
If we were Jewish and played sports, I'd say to you, "take a knee Jew"

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