Proof Atheists Don't Exist!





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Published on Jul 29, 2010

Using Logic & Reason, I Prove Atheists Don't Exist!

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Louis Baudin
See! I was right ALL ALONG! You can't disprove my faith about the Penguin redeemer! He actually beated Jesus at Street Fighter II so Jesus had to die for all our sins (But he was revived so it was ok.), but the REAL AND ONLY ALMIGHTY GOD IS THE PENGUIN REDEEMER! SO BOW BEFORE THE ALMIGHTY PENGUIN AND SHUT UP ATHEIST. Or face Eternal damnation. Ps: We also got cookies.
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By definition, Atheism is not the claim that there is NO god, it is the belief that there is NO god. ya fool.
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Yes. Yes he could. So could unicorns. And fairies. And Goku. And the spaghetti monster. Get where I'm going? Or do YOU somehow posses more knowledge than the whole humanity combined, and can say that he in fact DOES exist outside that little dot? Also, if there would be a god, and he did create everything, HE WOULD BE OUTSIDE OF THE WHOLE DAMN CIRCLE. You f*ckin' genius...
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Brian Tyler
God of the gaps much?
fake name
Based on that logic, there's also a giant dick with wings on it flying around in space making sarcastic comments to all passing asteroids.
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Niels Reinders
Why cant i dislike
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Graham Bird
So he claims that there is a god in that big expanse of unknown knowledge-..yet he is trying to prove atheists do not exist and the title of the video "Proof Atheists Don't Exist"..kinda stupid, right?..because if that bubble is all unknown knowledge, and if he cannot know everything as well, then surely atheists would be in that big bubble of unknown knowledge somewhere too?
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You do realize that all of the knowledge of humanity is in that dot, even the basis of Christianity. So, how does it make sense to you that atheism does not work, when your argument also does not work. Christianity is a human belief, and atheism is the absence of a belief, but it's all still only in that dot which means that outside that dot could be proof god isn't real.
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Igor Tsyhanchuk
Dude, YOU DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING!!!! NO ONE DOES!! This video proves absolutely NOTHING!! No one can know everything it is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!! Even if somehow you expanded your brain to be the size of our planet you will still NEVER get all the knowledge in the universe, you would be lucky to get 1/999999999999999999999x10^9999999999999999999999 of the knowledge in the universe even if that did happen! 
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I'm pretty sure this test actually contradicts the existence of God. By taking the notion that human's only possess a very small fraction of the knowledge of the universe it seems much more likely that God doesn't exist as by saying that he does you are dismissing an infinite number of other possibilities, whereas with atheism, you are only dismissing one possibility. I.e. through statistics you have just supported your oppositions argument.
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