The Break Up - A Harry Styles One Shot





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Published on Aug 21, 2012

This when the book started to change the page, we were yelling after that. We always make up but this time, it was different.
"What do you want from me?" Jake shouted at me.
"I want the damn truth!" I yelled back. I looked into his eyes. "I'm asking you for the truth"
"I don't want to be with you" He said blatantly. I already knew the tears were streaming down my face.
"Did you ever love me?" I asked in a hushed tone. I saw him trying to avoid my eye contact. "Jake?" I whispered. He still answered.
That's when he let me go. I left his house and saw it was dark outside. I stepped out, the darkness swallowing me as I made my way down the street.
You know what hurts? Knowing that your whole relationship was a lie. That the person you thought loved you, never gave a damn about you. That's two years of my life down the fucking toilet.
I sacrificed so much for Jake. I had lost all my friends, my best friend. I always had to ditch my friends, which they didn't appreciate. They don't even talk to me anymore. I regretted what I had done so much.
What do I even do now I that I was free? Jake was all I knew. Not taking him back for that now. But I really don't want to go.
I walked into the darkness, trying to find my way home. I don't even know where I am. The only other person I know lives around here was Harry. My best friend, well was. He probably hated my guts.
I walked up to his house and saw his bedroom light on. I sighed. I inched closer to the door. I hesitated to knock. My fist hovered over the door timidly before I finally knocked.
I waited and waited for what felt like forever. I had come to the conclusion that he wasn't going to answer. I wiped my tears that wouldn't stop since I had left Jake's. I started to walk down his pathway when I heard the door open.
I turned back to see my curly headed, Harry. I missed hanging out with him. I took a few steps closer. He had a blank expression on his face. The kind of look saying 'What are you doing here'.
I had tears streaming down my face and I attempted to speak but chickened out. Why should I tell him? He doesn't care about me anymore. I tossed him to the curb. I shouldn't expect him to give me the time of day.
I shook my head and turned and start to walk off when I felt some one catch my arm. I was suddenly locked up in Harry's embrace. I laid my head against his chest. He pulled away and reached for my hand, he ended up pulling me inside of his house and into his bed room. I
I look around. Its been forever since I have been in here. I looked on his shelf where a picture of him and I was sitting. He had his arm slung around my shoulders and mine was around his waist. I was smiling at the camera and Harry was looking at me.
I sighed and placed the photo back in its place.
"That's my favorite picture of us" He finally spoke up. I sat on his bed while he stood there looking at me. I sniffled.
"Why are you crying?" He asked sitting beside me.
"Jake never loved me." I twiddled with my fingers. "He said he didn't want to be with me." I breathed shakily. "I was looking into his, asking him for the truth. The one thing he had to say was, 'I don't want to be with you' I cant believe I chose him over my best friend."
I felt Harry put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his chest.
"Why are you being so nice to me. I thought you hated me after everything I have done"
"I could never hate you." He whispered in my hair. "Never"
"Why? Everyone else does." I said quietly.
"Because I love you"
"I love you too" We always told each other we loved each other because that's what best friends did. Well, at least we did.
We have been best friends since 4 grade when he spilled his apple juice all over me. We were each others better half, always have been. We were inseparable. That is until we became juniors last year. When I got a boyfriend, he sort of got distant. And when Jake pulled me away from him all together, we just sort of lost contact.
He sighed. "No"
"No?" I questioned him.
"I mean, I love you. I always have. I understand if you don't feel the same way. I mean I-"
I cut him off by smashing my lips against his. I let our lips move together. Harry pulled me closer by the waist. He leaned me down and straddled me without breaking out kiss.
I felt everything. I mean EVERYTHING. I knew at that moment, he actually loved me. I had always loved him. I just never admitted it. I guess I was afraid that he wouldn't feel the same way and everything would be weird.
He deepened the kiss, then he left my lips, but they connected with my neck. Once he found a particular spot, I moaned. I felt him smile, not smirk, smile. I felt him start to kiss my collar bone. I ran my fingers through his soft, brown curls.
"Are you sure?" He asked me.
"Absolutely" I smiled.
"I love you so much" He came back and kissed my lips.
"I love you too"
~Jasmine :)

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