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Published on Nov 7, 2011

Ex drug addict who lives in mom's basement outed as behind the bugster White Genocide Stormfront mantra.

The White Genocide claim has now been absolutely debunked.

The racists have shown themselves to have surpassed even creationists in their dishonest tactics and lack of debate ability.

True, there have been a few you could have a decent conversation with but the outrageous behavior of the rest of them has shouted even them down.

What the racists don't realize is they do themselves a disservice with their behaviors. If no one takes them seriously? It's of their own doing.
This video without question shows how the mantra fails. Not wanting to sustain your group's population isn't genocide.

It could be considered self-extinction.

Link 1: http://www.census.gov/population/www/...

My original video to the Racists:

Oh - and I acknowledge that there may be an extremely small percentage of the population that says what these people claim they say. There's billions of people on this planet. It isn't hard to find someone, somewhere who say, likes shoving peanuts up his nose.

When I say; "Show me someone", I'm asking you to prove that this is a significantly enough held view that you can say it is prevalent.

According to the bugster logic there's a Hispanic Genocide going on

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Philip Rose
Pinned by Philip Rose
anti-racist is codeword for we get to be randomly violent to people who are just minding their own business because we're a bunch of mouth breathing low IQ bigots who hate minorities because we can't cope with our own inadequacies.  http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/two-teenage-girls-have-been-caught-on-camera-allegedly-racially-abusing-and-assaulting-an-elderly-indigenous-man-on-a-bus/story-fnihsrf2-1226840203524
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I can't stand white nationalists.
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James Bong
No one says Asia is too Asian Its true
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James Bong
Does this mean white people get to debunk the holocaust? Because tons of people are debunking the Holocaust
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Jews don't get an opinion on the White genocide issue. They certainly don't get to "debunk" it. They're the cause of White genocide.
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C Dawg
Oh man Phil your logical reason is really going to interfere with my billion dollar law suit I had planned. You see I'm a white guy but because I grew up in the 80s, I was a victim of having to listen to non-white people on the radio such as Whitney Huston and  eventually watched her on the MTV video(she was bangin hot btw) which strongly distorted  my natural attraction to only women of similar skin tone to women a shade , 2 or 3 darker. Well this led to a marriage to a wonderful,  very attractive (but non-white) woman whom I have 3 wonderful daughters , oldest, a PhD student, the youngest new born. While my life is awesome, I absolutely love my wife and girls, I'm fit and happy and got an active sex life , I couldn't help notice perhaps what IF it was some "super Jew man" who influenced my early life choices as some of these Youtube people suggest, and in that case I want 10 figure compensation if and in any way this made me a victim of (drum roll please) ... THE WHITE GENOCIDE!
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roger crom
wow this guy is an idiot have you been watching the news about the problem in Europe its happening
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Your dislike's are more than 50%.
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Peter Wadeck
You're an idiot. The White fertility rate is below replacement in American and has been for over 40 years. The percentage of Whites in America has dropped from 90% and will be a MINORITY in decades. Maybe you should read the Feb 1996 Scientific American, "The Rainbow Majority." I doubt you know what science is. But hold on, can you think of the future, because if the fertility rate remains constant, and it has been constant for Whites at 1.65 for 40 years, then only TEN percent of the current White generation will exist. That's right, 90 PERCENT GENOCIDE. I know you're too stupid to understand this. But I thought I'd post it in case anyone viewing this stupid video of yours will know the truth, which you are incapable of understanding
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Milissa Schidecker
Stinking rat faced Jew.
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