Can you defeat Freddie at typing!?





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Published on Feb 21, 2012

Can you defeat my legendary typing skills? There's only one way to find out...

The text passage is from Sherlock Holmes. The book, not the movie. Duhhhh.

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i win i just pause the video
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The Eleven Of Hearts Leni Loud
DarkReece watch out watch OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!
RexPax Nault
DarkReece same
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i type at 1 wpm, this sentence took me 10min to type.
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true :D
Guillaume Arnould
you dont type fast but you type and that is what mathers
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Shihab Soft
I started eating my sandwich as soon as he says "Begin"
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Terms and Conditions
PB Esper, your profile pic fits perfectly
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hahaha I paused the video, this time it was you who defeated
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Whhat Wat
Wise Allan
Kenny Nguyen lol he has mistakes when the cam was closed up to the keyboard i saw him pressing back space
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This is how I type the text: I waaox woahca wjdoiascoiao haouch ax asoi aoc n jaoj oijojaksnc aoa hasllkdwjlj ljalksj lkasjd lkasjkjwoiajaslkj lksjoihjsalkjd lkasjdlk jslkcjrwjfhosjak djqwoidoj qokjdlaksj lkajdl jqoijq oqn lkqnwdowjddjgpj qpwj j; whowahdl hwqoh qwsnlfhvewoij n;qn cx ] osfjeo   =lefapoeifa lehoiaevn21= jdkjfp nfuckaosjfpA ijffoiAPeniswhaopakjsbi pshdf  oiadschj adkh ad jvakshk ahaiuhds as yours." 29.69 seconds
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+Oli Jo, then u have a really bad pc cuz copy and paste isn't that hard.
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Lee Jia Wei
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. Winning.
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This is my try: "I xcould not helaughping ast the easin with which he explained jhis proccess of descution. When i hear you givred your reasions i remarked the thing always aopeqars to me2 so ridiculously siome that i could easily do it muself thoug ht mnd nai am bnaffled" -Alex 2016
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I could not help laughing at thge ease with which he expload process of deductio. "Hen I hear you give you reasons," I remazrked, érthe thing alwxays appears to me to be so riduclously simple that I clould easily do it muself,
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close your eyes and let your imagination flow
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Preatomic Gold
S'mOreo XDDD
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hai Im whiny edgy 11 yr old I typed it in 2 secnds loser lololol
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''Tis my sweet nation of unfathomable stupidity.
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miniman gaming
I swear the wpm was higher than 121
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mine is over 9000!!!!!!!!!
miniman gaming i can do 500wpm nnonnonononnoonnonoonnoonnonononnonononoonnononononononnonononononononnononononononnonononononononononononononononononoonnononononononononnonononononnoonnoonnononono ok thats it
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