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Published on Jan 4, 2012

Apparently the mixtape has been claimed as "copyright" and I can't share it on mediafire but I'll try to fix it soon!

*Lyrics in Description*

Hey everyone, it's Lee (Regicidal)

Watch in HD if you'd like, it sounds a lot better :)

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This is the second rap I've done that's mainly RS based, if you haven't seen the first one, here's a link to it:


This is a song for the adventurers
So take your mouse and put it in the air, shout out to all my nerds
Tryna level up, So I'm slaying all these cowards
Words sharper than Dragon Halberds, strong enough to pull out a hundred Excaliburs
Always off on an adventure
Questing during any weather
Armor made of dragon leather
Penguin found at Ardy lever
KBD head I will sever
My lyrics are mighty clever
Name someone who you think could do it better
Now I'm just chillin' with SUOMI
Never waste a single XP
Used to be an adventurer
Took an arrow to the knee
I've got a pouch full of GP so it's time to hit the GE
Buy a cannon for Slayer cause I need some Effigies
And I'm always doing clue scrolls
But I always get shit from those
Loot containing Magic Compbows
Also throw in Zammy Arrows
Jagex acting like a bunch of trolls
Wellllll, I hope you guys get raped by all seven of the Barrows Bro's
Get shit on by some Giant Moles
Black out like drinking Four Loko's
I've got a question I suppose
Before each update do you all snort crack off Andrew Gowers nose?


Now I think I've caused some Chaos you can call me Elemental
I'm not talkin' bout the workshop
Wildy creature with six tentacles
Got 99 in all my skills
Get dollar bills like Sparc Mac selling mills
Popping pills like NightmareRH after getting killed
I've been around forever
Now I'm in my prime
You can say I've been around
Since the Land before Time
I didn't know being real was such a crime
But if it is, put me in jail for six-to-nine
They saying my girls change like I found a dime
But the Make-over Mage just created something fine
I put my heart into each and every line
Like a Slayer Task I kill everything that I'm assigned
Some say that I might be out of my fucking mind
My supporters would say that I am, one of a kind
All these haters wishing that I would have resigned
But I'm in it for the long haul man, until I'm fucking signed.

Runescape - The Adventurer
I can't believe I rapped over a Runescape song...


Enjoy :)


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