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Published on Aug 6, 2012

Welcome to the League of Legends Champion Spotlight. Learn to harness the celestial power of Diana, Scorn of the Moon. Check out the full video for a guide to Diana's abilities, gameplay, and suggested build, or strike ahead to:

0:14 Play Style and Skins
0:28 Abilities
1:50 Early Game
3:56 Tons of Damage Combos
4:30 Suggested Stats and Items

To learn more about Diana, visit the links below.

Champion Info - http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.co...
Lunar Goddess Diana - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nJp0...

Comments • 8,494

Ale GonRaggio
God bless riot for making her, she'll always be my main
Tsukiko City
I love how they use Diana and Leona. Moon and Sun. Get it? Lol haha
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+IcyRainbow  Just like Nami video, nami vs gangplank, mermaid and pirate xD
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Petro Balounov
Diana needs a buff So badly!
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Can't Believe Someone Actually
Well I got a 1v5 penta Diana two nights ago so I don't think she does anymore
Tiaan Burger
is she still that bad...i mean she looks strong and fun...but then again twitch looked fun and when i got him i was soooooooooooo bad and disapointed :(
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Diana is strong, she is not weak AT ALL. The only reason people are complaining and asking for a buff is because most of the meta champs today are much stronger, or they just don't know how to properly play Diana. (She is a tough champion.) Recently, in patch 5.3, Riot buffed the speed for Pale Cascade's rotation, which was sorely needed and a great buff overall. However, in higher ranks (Gold+) Crescent Strike will hit about 20% of the time. The curve and the medium distance makes it easy to dodge unless you're in melee range. Today, Diana is not played much as an assasin and more of a fighter. Why? She has no escape. Diana is either you go all in, or you don't. To compensate, Riot has given Diana Pale Cascade, a moderate shield to help you survive in those all in moments. Unfortunately, that sheild is enough to kill the enemy ADC and live. So? What do we need? Not much. She is a good champion, it's just that today's current meta doesn't call for Diana. I think a well rounded solution would to simply be increase the range of her Q, but keeping the same amount of cure, and also give Diana some extra movement speed when all 3 of her orbs are popped. This way, she won't do too much damage or have too big a shield while building as a fighter, but will still be able to move in and out of teamfights a little easier.
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SunDragon Bro
+Rizerr96 Gold doesn't mean shit. I mean this comment is a Year Old but even then Gold was just Silver but people slightly knew what they were doing, only time your rank actually matters is in High Diamond or High Plat if you wanna be nice.
The Blind Man
+Rizerr96 Actually is the sixth champion with the best win rate in the game...
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wow leashes used to be legit
Tamaki Suoh
I'm a Diana user wew this spotlight is too old my items for Diana is -Lich bane -Magic pen boots -Lundens echo -Rabadona deathcap -zhonya hourglass -abbysal or void staff if there's an enemy tank or if not I just buy rylai's crystal scepter
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+bLack3nD88​ Thanks for the advice, I needed it because I don't know what to build sometimes against tanky champions.
+Hiromi Ryuu I've been playing Diana alot in every lane, including bot.. but mostly mid and top and actually, when i do go top.. i usually build nashor's tooth for when im against a tanky or AD champion... bcuz when my abilities are on cd, im still doing some crazy dmg with that passive, its amazing. In mid however, i dont see nashor's tooth need... I go full ap usually and instead of ludens.. i get rylai's for tankiness and slow on basic attacks which helps too.. Oh well, everyone is to play her as they like but I've been playin Diana since she came out and she's one of my favorite champions
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Young King Charles
Sigh when wolves came before blue. The good ole days.
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Lord Sandwich
+Young King Charles when warwick was good. good ole days
Lord Sandwich
+Young King Charles when warwick was good. good days
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Ezreality Maximus
wow after 4 years her kit doesnt change.. Because I think this is a good designed champ. Like ekko jhin etc
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Jay Finch
Dorans Ring I think Tank Ekko was the meta build for a while. AP was just too squishy until they finally killed it with his Slow removed
Ezreality Maximus
Jay Finch .. yeah because they just realized when using off meta that tank ekko is busted.
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Vinh Nguyen
guys plz vote for diana so she will get a new skin starting Nov 30th go to lolesports.com/en_US/all-star to vote for her. she is a great champion and she deserves a new skin
One does not simply play Diana without listening to Daylight's End during the match.
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