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Published on Jan 8, 2014

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Why to Share your Idea

So you have a great idea for a new product or service -- and you want to bring it to market.

But, you're not sure if sharing your idea with other people is the right thing to do.
You're afraid someone will take it, steal it or even run with your idea, right?
Or you could be afraid to receive negative feedback to your idea before you've had a chance to work out all the angles....which you think will cause you to stop your momentum.
So, Your reaction is to keep it to yourself and close to your vest.
But more often than not, that's probably not the best idea.
In almost all situations, the best advice is to share your idea with as many people as possible.
Remember, it's not about Ideas. It's about making Ideas happen.
First off, The reality is that most ideas are just "half-ideas" at the beginning.
The idea need's to develop. It needs to be shaped, with honest feedback before it becomes something that is useful and marketable .
Feedback can give you valuable information, like what your idea should and shouldn't include - which could ultimately make your idea more appealing to a larger audience.
Second, by sharing your idea, you can connect with those people you need to help bring your idea to life....People you likely would not have found if you kept your idea to yourself. You may even find early investors.
Last, Remember, it's not the idea itself that has marketable value. Ideas by themselves, are in large supply.
In virtually all cases, it's the execution of that idea that makes it real and monetizable.
Also if you are someone that values your time, sharing your idea early, will allow you to vet your idea and see if it really is something other people would want.
By sharing your idea, you shift from being a wantrepreneur to someone who is proactively taking action to make your idea happen.
So don't be afraid to talk about and share your idea. It could be the next great one
Take action now. Talk about your idea. Begin to shape its development and Improve your chances of making your idea into a reality.
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