Mermaid Melody Fandub Auditions CASTED 2012 Group dub - Legend Of the Mermaid 7 Mermaid Version





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Published on Jul 10, 2012

UPDATE 9/08/2012
Cast 3
The Groupdub is up....

UPDATE: 9/08/2012
Cast 2
The Groupdub is up ...

UPDATE: 6/08/2012

Cast 1
The Groupdub is up ...

Cast 2
kittyjazbella [Seira] - Need all your lines

Cast 3
CurePeace [Hanon] - Need All your Lines


Cast 1
Received all lines! We are mixing this video and should be up in the next few days

We need these lines to complete the videos.

Cast 2
kittyjazbella [Seira] - Need all your lines

Cast 3
CurePeace [Hanon] - Need All your Lines

UPDATE: 27/7/2012

2nd August deadline for lines.

UPDATE:21/7/2012 - 23/7/2012
Sorry we have not been answering our emails , we were away for the weekend :] x

UPDATE: 19/7/2012
We received so many great auditions we couldn't exclude anyone! so here are the parts :]
Please email EntertainmentFandub@hotmail.com to confirm your part and to recieve your script :], Make sure you include your username in your email too.

Cast 1:
We will be singing Legend of the Mermaid

Confirmed The Part / Lines Received

[x] - Confirmed
[♥] - Lines received

[x][♥] Luchia -- Kirsty [EntertainmentFandub]
[x][♥] Rina -- Charlotte [EntertainmentFandub]
[x][♥] Hanon -- idevilbait
[x][♥] Coco -- xXxTeaChanxXx
[x][ ♥] Noel --Reneehearts7
[x][♥] Karen -- 18moptop
[x][♥ ] Seira - Suigintou4eva23
[x][♥] Sara -- FallenNightWings

Cast 2
Will be Singing Yume No Sono Saki Hi - We made a video for this

Confirmed The Part / Lines Received

[x] - Confirmed
[♥] - Lines in

[x][♥] Luchia -- stelamata1
[x][ ♥] Rina - LashfulButterfly
[x][♥] Hanon -- princesshanonhosho1
[x][♥] Coco -- RozenModoka
[x][♥] Noel -- SailorSoilderofFire
[x][♥ ] Karen -- ANimeSaturday
[x][ ] Seira -- kittyjazbella
[x][♥] Sara --xXDaisySoraXx

Cast 3
Will be singing Nanastu No Umi No Monogatari - We made a video for this :]

Confirmed The Part / Lines Received

[x] - Confirmed
[♥] - Lines in

[x][♥] MermaidPrincessMaia - Noel
[x][♥] MsMichichu- Rina
[x][♥] LoraPink99 -- Seira
[x][♥ ] GammaGirl101- Sara
[x][ ] CurePeace- Hanon

Please email EntertainmentFandub@hotmail.com to confirm your part and to receive your script :] x

AUDITIONS ARE NOW CLOSED :], We are casting the parts you will be updated shortly

End Date: 18/7/2012 12pm London Time :] x

16/7/2012Auditions are ending this Wednesday, [18/7/2012] :] x

Auditions will be ending soon, so get your auditions in if you would like to take part :D x

UPDATE!!!! : 14/7/2012
We have received so many great auditions after only launching for 4 days! so we could'nt pick, so we are now doing 2 groups! So that means 2 casts! We now just need Karen auditions! :]

UPDATE : 13/7/2012
We need auditions for Karen ,Sara! we are very active and will reply to any of your questions ect.. within a day :]

UPDATE: 12/7/2012
If you are sending your audition by link in a message, and we don't reply withing 2 days we have not received your message, youtube seems to be messing up with our messaging. :]

Date : 10/07/2012


We - My sister and i are holding auditions for mermaid melody - Legend of the mermaid Japanese ver ! We created this video for the fandub.

* Sound effects were sourced from TheMangekyou13

Parts available!


Rina and Luchia are self casted by us :]
We will be creating a script so everyone gets quite a few parts!!

Please post as a video response/send me a link and who you are auditioning for =]

We are not sure how long the auditions are going to be open - hopefully we will get alot of auditions - so not long :]

Happy singing! x

Auditions recieved :

Le Canasian - Hanon, Seira
18moptop -Coco, Hanon , Noel , Karen, Sara, Seira
Lashfulbuttery -Noel, Coco
mermaidprincessmaia -Seira Hanon , Noel ,
SailorSoilderOfFire - Noel
iDevilbait - Hanon
stelamata1- Seira
princesshanonhosho1 - Hanon
FallenNightWings - Coco, Sara, Hanon
reneehearts7 - Noel, Karen, Sara
xXxTeaChanxXx - Sara , Coco , Karen , Seira, Noel
rozenmodoka - Coco, Seira
xXDaisySoraXx - Sara
MsMichichu - Karen Coco Noel Rina Luchia Sara Seira Hanon
ANimeSaturday - Karen
LoraPink - Seira
GammaGirl101- Sara Karen Luchia Coco
jdanceran96 - Seira
CurePeace1234- Noel,Hanon

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