China Denies Sex Ratio Linked To One Child Policy (2005)





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Published on Nov 23, 2007

One Child Policy, 2005 - China attempted to reduce the huge population growth, but at what cost to the future of the country's economy and social structure?

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China's controversial one child policy has stemmed population growth but at what cost? From forced abortions to heavy fines, many have suffered.

"If people tried to have a second child and didn't have any money, they'd have their house pulled down," complains Liu Shuling. She attracted the wrath of local officials and was heavily fined when she became pregnant a second time. "It was very hard," she recalls. "Fortunately, we didn't starve to death." For the past twenty-five years, controlling population growth has been a major priority for the Chinese government. "Unless there is a containment of population, there will be no economic growth, no social stability or social harmony," explains official Siri Tellier. But there's real concern that this policy has created a generation of spoilt children. "They are very delicate. They can't cope with setbacks," states teacher Sun Kaiyun. Demographic growth may have been stemmed but new population problems have been created. The preference for boys has led to millions of female foetuses being aborted. Now, tens of millions of Chinese men face a future with no prospect of a female partner. And that could create the social unrest the one child policy was supposed to avoid.

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Abortion in the US is considered Pro-Choice. Abortion in China is considered a fascistic type of mandate. LOL. I love the relativity of it all.
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If China didn't enforce One Child Policy, the world would be complaining about too much Chinese people right now. China has controlled its population growth through this policy, and many Chinese people think it's time to end it because Chinese society has progressed so much since 1970s and 80s, and many young people simply don't want that many children. One Child Policy was China's sacrifice/contribution to the sustainability of our world, now it's India's turn,
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There is no choice. One child policy is absolutely necessary. The government made it very clear to the whole country, the policy need to be strictly enforced for 50 years and it's about falf way now.
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This is how China propelled itself from a poor third world country to the second largest economy in the world.
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Aiden Crowther
I hate Geography Homework
AXP Bonecrusher
It's better to raise one child to be successful then raise a lot of children and hope one becomes successful. This is how China became so powerful so quick. Everyone had a chance to be successful. This is also explains China's large amount of rich people. If people could have as many children as they like China would end up like India. Large but poor.
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Dimond slayer
im chinese im 11 and in 6th grade. i was born in 2004 and i was found at a firestation and we do not know my birth parents. sometimes i cry about it because for all i know she just dident like me or she loved her other child better or my birth dad dident aprove of me. i pretty much gaven up trying to know who they are.but............. its hard. do i mind talking about it no. i kind of like it but i like to share my story .
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"Unlike plagues of the Dark Ages or contemporary diseases which we do not yet understand, the modern plague of overpopulation is soluble by means we have discovered and with the resources we possess. What is lacking is not sufficient knowledge of the solution, but universal consciousness of the gravity of the problem and the education of the billions who are its victims" Martin Luther King Jr.
Its funny.... my chinese mate has a sister.... but then again.... when you have money in china.... you can do anything you want....
one-child policy… lol, it should have been a no-child policy instead. China, the land of scum.
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