like ive never been broken - jemi mini story - 18.





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Published on Oct 11, 2011

oh god here the one you guys have waited for :3
i looked at the door waiting for selena. as the door went wide i didnt see selena but joe. i looked away i didnt want to see him lovely dolly with his girlfriend. 'i think hes here for you.' nick said and i shook my head. 'no just wait ashley will follow him in a few second.' i said looking to my right,the opposite from the house. 'i dont think so because hes coming towards us..' 'can you pleas' i was cut of by nick. 'i will look where selena is. ' i shook my head and placed a hand on his shoulder. 'please nick dont' he looked at me and gave me a small smile. 'you are strong enough and hes not gonna hurt demi..talk to him.' with that nick walked off of the car. i heard him talking with joe but i never looked up. i didnt want to i was to afraid.

'can you come out so we can talk?' i heard his voice after he opened the car door for me. 'no im good in here..' i could tell he rolled his eyes. 'then slide and make some space for me.' i sighed and slided to the other seat. 'better?' i asked 'yes much better' he said after he got in. i looked towards the house not at him he groaned under his breath. 'im sorry.' he said i nodded. 'i didnt think it would have hurt you to see me and ashley..you could have told me that..' i looked at him. 'why should i? i was not well im not your girlfriend iam? she is and you had every right to be with her.' he took my hand in his but i pulled away. 'dont touch me please.' i whispered and he sighed.

'i wasnt thinking demi..and im sorry if i did not tell you how i felt..and how much you mean to me..' i looked at him now. 'you run away..' he sighed. 'im sorry demi..im really sorry..i like you a lot and i dont even think the word like is appropriate to how i feel about you..' i bit my lip still looking at him. 'i never felt this way demi ever since i saw you at the airport i liked you and then knowing you better i always felt more and more towards you.. i never thought of ashley in any ways.. it was always only you and me..' i stopped him. 'and why didnt you break up with ashley?' he looked into my eyes. 'i didnt know how you really felt..i was scared to get hurt but in the end i hurt you and i was hurt too.. i didnt want that to happen i swear..i was stupid to just leave you there yesterday..but i was hurt when i heard your answer.' i slowly nodded my head and took a deep breath knowing what i was going to do.

'you hurt me joe.. you really hurt me bad. when i got to know you..my life wasnt that miserable anymore joe..you knew everything about my nightmares and you tried to help me with that..you always checked on me and you even slept in my bed just to calm me down...after those nights i knew it was something more between us..not only some attraction..well i wanted to believe that..and i believed it even if you still were with ashley..' he nodded slowly his head and was about to say another sorry but i kept talking. 'i still wanna believe that you care about me i want to and i still do..but please just dont hurt me anymore..' i placed my forhead on his. i smiled a bit so did he.

'i promise i wont..' he whispered. 'i was scared joe..i was scared of selenas reaction.. shes my bestfriend and if she does not aprove of this i wont give us a try..' his face went white. 'w-what?' i giggled. i already did know that she aproves hen groaned. 'you are mean!' i giggled and kissed him on the lips. 'you know you will stay here..?' i nodded while he kept kissing me placing his hands on my cheeks. 'yeah i know..' i whispered back not able to leave his lips. 'i kicked her out as soon you and selena where out.' i pulled slowly away from his lips but i could still feel his breath on my lips. i knew who he meant. i nodded slowly. 'so you broke up?' he nodded and pecked my lips. 'yes' i smiled. 'but i already have another girlfriend..' he said and i looked at him he chuckled. 'mhh and who is she?' he bit on my lips 'mhh i dont remember her name..she has two names you know? so long...' i smiled on his lips 'i may can help you...' he nodded 'try..' 'i heard about a demetria devonne..shes really a nice girl i heard..' he chuckled 'yeah i heard that too but i heard shes mad at me..i dont know..' i kissed him 'mh so yeah you were right shes my girlfriend.' i giggled.

selenas pov--
'see? what did ya told you?' i looked away from the window and back at nick i smiled. 'yeah you were right.. and im really happy for them' he smiled at me and hugged me. 'yes so iam..he really needed someone like demi..' i nodded my head. 'yes i only hope they wont hurt eachother so i wont be in troubles with one of them if something happens..' i placed my head on his chest. 'i dont want to choose one of them..you know its really hard..' he nodded. 'well for now you dont need..and stop thinking that.. they are perfectly fine now.' i looked up at him and smiled. 'i love you.' i said and kissed him. 'i love you too baby.'

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