Philippine Manila Illuminati New World Order ( How to Fight the New World Order ) Part 1 of 2





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Published on Apr 22, 2011

The ARCHONIC ANNUNAKI ALIEN ET JESUITS (Society of Je-ZEUS - Pirates Assassins of Babylon ) and their GLOBAL DOMINATION of humankind for thousands of years already. The Malevolent Reptilian Draconians lives underground in cahoots with Western Powers and RELIGIONS. The 13 Global ELites report to the Royal Reptilian Family , they are the Reptilian hybrids Pharaohs/families of Egypt and even before that, has migrated to Europe and established religions and this money slavery systems. They have holographic technology to project themselves in human form, a portable blue beam cloaking technology via energetic dimensional liquid crystal display . ALL RELIGIONS is FALSE LIGHT Because you yourself is an Eternal Organic source Light !



Know where the INSANE VATICAN JESUITS ( Je-Zeus-its CULT of ZEUS of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Cosmic Federation of (un) Free Worlds, JESUS aka JE_ZEUS is a FAKE Impostor CHRIST aka Sananda of the GFoL know as BROMOKI here in the Philippines ) and their minions, their OFF WORLD ALien ET's Annunaki Archons get their FAKE OWNERSHIP of us all. The taxes , where it started. The entire JUDICIAL system of the WORLD is controlled and created by the VATICAN JESUITS. The FREEMASONS, the ANNUNAKI ARCHONS REPTILIANS NORDICS ( GFoL) are one and the same GROUP enslaving us all. TIME to RESIST and STAND UP ! There is no JUSTICE in these Jesuit Archon reptilian judicial system. The judicial courts are administering PAPAL Priest of veil of Satan ! The black uniforms of the judges are Satan's rippers, the grim rippers black priest just like the Black Pope. Every single thing in JUDICIAL COURT is the SACRAMENT of PENANCE , a confession box where you accuse yourself. The Judicial system all work for the VATICAN, it's all about administering the TRUST, and the TRUST is owned by the VATICAN. SO THEY ARE NOT IMPARTIAL but rather on the side of the VATICAN JESUITS defending the TRUST. TRUST indicates that we are not live men and women but rather just merchandise. You will never wake up unless you know you are walking in darkness ! They have no DOMINION over us, we are SOVEREIGN men and women !

Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lINuMM...

Spirituality is the weapon against the New World Order. We cannot develop spirituality until we understand that we are being manipulated, we must learn how the manipulation is set up, and by whom. Our collective thoughts are immense energies that manifest our world, fear defines our world today. Soul is Immortal and the Spirit is YOU ! No matter what the Illuminati does, they cannot kill YOU. YOU are an Eternal Source. With this the battle has already been won ! Gising mga KAPATID ! Wake UP MANILA ! (Pictures for Educational Purposes only)

The Galactic Federation of DRACONIAN False Light plans for us all together with their Secret Shadow Government / NWO minions. ( OUR FINAL EXAMS - OUR GRADUATION DAY )

1.) Plans to massively reduce government, play out governments are being arrested/resignations. Will seem old ways no more, so we will think something positve is happening ! Trick humans before we transform FULL BLOWN LIGHT BEING with Mother Earth Sophia !

2.) Announcing fake freedom of humanity, and friendly alliance with the fake Galactic Human Family.

3.) Sharing of technological devices and miracles. Most of these and R&D anyway was constrained by their Shadow Government.

4.) FINAL PHASE : FROM their "SAFE ZONES" THEY will entice you to go to their fake portals, once inside there is no going back. It is an ELECTRONIC FREQUENCY GULAG

Je-ZEUS aka JESUS is the ANTI Christ , the "god" is the DEMIURGE - George Kavassilas

The Reptilian Archons Vatican Jesuits is Destroying the Philippines, they stole our GOLD from the Philippine Central Bank !

Manila Illuminati NCRPO's UFO Level Directed Energy Reptilian Weapons and Gang Stalking Mind Control. GISING MGA KAPATID, NCRPO are creating wars on the community level - this is DOMESTIC CLANDESTINE TERRORISM ACTS on the Filipino people ! http://philipinegangstalkingandmindco...


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