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Shahin Najafi - Zendegie Sagie Ma | Album Ma Mard Nistim (We Are Not Men)

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زندگی سگی ما (آلبوم ما مرد نیستیم) - شاهین نجفی

Zendegie Sagie Ma (Our Doggy Life)

Verse 1:

Fools and men, I am not your enemy; I am your denial
Two T's are bad: history and quitting smoking (in Farsi these are both written with t's)
Disease becomes normal for a sick people
Like period pain but a little worse
You're dying, don't act like the living
Clean the blood from your lips
"Officer, this woman and I have no relation!"
You have to say it loud but you're scared shitless
The slogans on the wall are none of your business!
They want men and women to become segregated
To see Bush as the lobbyist for Jews and become agitated
The thug Christ at the street corner with Yazdi towel (Yazdi towels are worn by many "thugs")
In the words of Mary, the horror of Nietzsche in Kurdish clothing
A holy halo on the head of a scarecrow
One sees others as a goat and the other sees them as dogs
Filled stomachs, old brains and velvet revolution
Guerilla in suits and dandy Che Guevara
Politicians that are drunk and drunk believers
Doctor and Professor with Seyyed scarves (A Seyyed is a title given to someone who is believed to a direct descendent of Mohammed)
Free things without basis and useless roots and hungry nation
Worm and false words and old books and discoveries
Diseased government, fed up nation, absent manager
Youth, masturbation, Jihad, God and vice-Imam
Living martyr and living dead with no graves
Mace and lamp of religion of nationless guano
Ferdowsi, follower of Imam, with a headband that say "Ya Zahra!" (Ferdowsi was an ancient Persian poet famous for secular poems, while Zahra was the wife of Imam Ali. "Ya Zahra!" means "Oh Zahra!")
Hafiz, a Kalashnikov wielding Basij roaming the streets (Hafiz was another ancient poet, similar to Ferdowsi, and a Basij is the unofficial police force of the Regime)
People's rights and a peoples without Shirin's goals (reference to Shirin Ebadi who won the Nobel Peace Prize)
Construction of a mosque with the look of the White House or Kremlin
Manly feminists women's rights get toyed with
Fallacy with mini skirt and ways of Nietzsche

Chorus (X4):
This means my role in the movie of a shitty life
Role of a corpse that's simply alive
Breathing in a confined context
It's the ending to everyone's story, the end of killing

Verse 2:
Veiled cousin, remembering her youth
Under the covers playing doctor, discovery of an innocence
Neighbor's wife, sexual dysfunction, unemployed husband
Three years prison for nothing, unfinished sex
Friendship with mom's friend and thirsty widows
In love with the neighbor's daughter just for one night
Ashura nights, porno movies, and empty houses (Ashura has become a time where youth take advantage of the masses and mingle together; empty houses refers to when parents leave their teens at home for some time and the teens throw parties)
Poetry nights, shitty days and imaginary lovers
The wish to kiss your lips in the streets
The dream of an embrace without fear of prison
Following in empty streets and alleys
A wilted flower with a letter or a ten-minute talk
A 16-year-old's heart that fears the officers
Even if the officers don't see the family hits you
A virginity whose meaning has become strange
And the honour of a dad and brother who are now strangers
Run-aways, streets, addiction and obscenities
Stories that might be repeats for us
Yelling Christ with Yazdi towel
Mary there is no chance for you to return home
The widowed Mary with no rights or custody
Mary without will and without right of martyrdom
Mary who is in prison because of a few signatures
Mary who committed suicide in the holding cell
Be content with the role of the doomed army in the movie
Close your eyes and just think about playing
Dumb yourself, leave yourself, create a cadence
Shut your mouth and accept the situation
This is the Prophet's tradition, accept!
Man or woman makes no difference, die!

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