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Published on Jul 10, 2011

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"The Swat" is a dance created by highly trained dance professionals and rhythmic scientists. It is designed to protect an individual from natures fiercest of insects, while keeping up with trends demonstrated in movies like "Step Up", "Stomp The Yard", "Rise", "Never Say Never", "Foot Loose", and "You Got Served".

after years of development, "The Swat" has been clinically proven to reduce the presence of pesky insects through intimidation and self defense. "The Swat" is NOT intended to be used on humans, vehicles, or large animals.

It is our desire, that with the application of "The Swat", no individual will ever get stung again and even the most rhythmically challenged individual can participate in the most gangster of dance circles.

Thank you for taking time to review "The Swat". Enjoy bringing this to both the dance floor AND the back yard


Twitter - @dUSTINtAVELLA


swat, swat, swat, it like a bee
tell who could swat an insect better than me

no one, na na na no one
but you better do the dance or ya might get stung

bees flying in the air like a night mare
to infinity like buzz lightyear

fillin the skies like the sun on the rise
till i started this dance, now they dropping like flies


ride on the dance floor like a range rover
fill empty spaces like a comb over

light up the sky like a super NOVA
now takin over this game, HOVA

y'all better be doin the swat. like you're swinging at a bee cause they hate ya
yeah Imma be doin the swat. gotta keep defending myself from nature

swat swat swat swat swat swat. swat it like a bee
swat swat swat swat swat swat. swat it like me

here comes that bee
swat it faster than anything you ever seen

this dance is the remedy
they like "what up doc" Ph D

when the bee comes and you cant stop it
you can swat it, then duck, then dodge it

we got a winner with the stinger on that little fellow
i eat jello. like Khalifa all i see is black and yellow


not a fan of them them bees, no nadda
like the devil, these bees wear Prada

swattin with my eyes closed, pinate
they disappearin like magic, TADA


just swing, you gotta trust the intuition, now we dancing with a mission, straight bee demolition
and if you're really haven trouble with your vision, Imma swat a bee in half, like math division

forecast when i show up, SUNNY
and these haters wanna look at me funny
well this song's gonna get me lots of money
so like a bee, im surrounded by honies

protect yourself from that sting
elbows like wings elbows like wings


Thank You "bLASTED iNC" dance crew for dancing in this vid. I love you guys! Everybody better look out for this crew on the rise :)

Written and Produced by // dUSTIN tAVELLA and dAVID sOMERSET
Directed and Edited by // dUSTIN tAVELLA


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