Modern Warfare 2 Gun Sounds





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Uploaded on Jan 27, 2010


Q: How many guns/sounds were used?
A: Scar-H, FAL, ACR, M4, F2000, Tar-21, Ak-47, AUG-BAR, RPD, MP5k, UMP, P90, Vector, Mini Uzi, Spas 12, M1014, Model 1887's, .44 Magnum, Desert Eagle, M9(silenced), USP (silenced), all the snipers, the semtex beep, the semtex explosion, glass breaking, nuke timer, and finally the nuke explosion.

Q: How long did this take to make/edit?
A: For those who say I have no life to do this, all together it took about 30min of gameplay capture, 30 minutes for it to load onto my computer, 2 hours to separate the gun sounds and master/EQ them, 2 hours of editing the track into a beat, and about an hour or 2 to make the video. So roughly 6 hours? That was stretched over 2 weeks.

Q: What did you edit with?
A: FL Studios 9 XXL, and WMM (just simply because it's the easiest to sync the video and sound.)

Q: How did you capture the video/sound?
A: With an olddd sony handycam with A/V input, nothing special, really not recommended since you can get an HDMI capture for the same price nowadays.

Q: Why is one of the snipers laying on a dead cow?
A: I remembered a mission from CoD 1 or 2 (not sure) where you run through a field and the only cover is dead cows. So me and my friend agreed. It's kind of a tribute to the past.

Q: Why is the MP5k sound like a P90 in the start?
A: No, your not crazy. No, it wasn't a mistake.
I did this on purpose because the P90 video I took of it shooting had fire in the beginning. If I were to repeat it over and over again the fire in the back would shake and look horrible. So instead of taking 20 minutes to reset up a recording I just switched them.

Q: Will you add me?
A: Maybe, send me your Gamertag

Q: Are you the guy that hides in my closet?
A: Only on Thursdays

Q: Can I upload this on my channel?
A: No, this video has been stolen multiple times which has led me to make a creative commons copyright. You may not reupload this video without my permission, and even if I give you permission you are not allowed to alter or build upon it in anyway.


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