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Published on May 21, 2008

In, 2002, Frank Gonzalez ran for US House as a Libertarian in a 3-way race against President Barack Obama's new Chief of Staff, Democrat Rahm Emanuel, and Republican businessman Mark Augusti, in District 5, Illinois, which includes northern Chicago.
Qualification method: personally petitioned for own 500+ signatures. His opponents simply paid a filing fee instead.
Money Gonzalez spent: $0.
Percentage of votes received: 4.34%.

Factoid: Constitutional expert and 2004 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Michael Badnarik, also ran as a Libertarian for US House in District 10, Texas, in 2006. One of his opponents didn't campaign.
Money Badnarik spent: $400,000.
Percentage of votes received: 4.31%.

Frank Gonzalez, $0 spent for 4.34%.
Michael Badnarik, $400,000 spent for 4.31%.

In 2004, Frank Gonzalez ran again for US House as a Libertarian, this time in District 21, Florida, which includes Miami, his city of birth, against neocon Republican and 12-year incumbent, Lincoln Diaz-Balart. There was no Democrat challenger.
Qualification method: petitioned for 98.5% of own 4,000+ signatures over a period of two unpaid months. His opponent hired a PR firm to collect signatures for him.
Money Gonzalez spent: $12,000.
Percentage of votes received: 27.2%.

Factoid: Diaz-Balart had only one previous challenger, a Democrat named Patrick Cusack, in 1998.
Money Cusack spent: $32,000.
Percentage of votes received: 25%.

1998: Democrat Cusack, $32,000 spent for 25%
2004: Libertarian Gonzalez, $12,000 spent for 27.2%

In 2006, Frank Gonzalez ran against the same incumbent again, this time as a Democrat, but on the SAME libertarian principles as before. He forced Diaz-Balart to campaign for the first time in his entire 14-year career as US Representative.
Qualification method: in a repeat of 2004, he personally petitioned for 97% of own 4,000+ signatures over a period of two unpaid months. His opponent, on the other hand, paid $12,000 to a PR firm to collect signatures for him. Upon inspection, Frank Gonzalez protested that, against state law and the English language itself, they were circulated only in Spanish. Diaz-Balart quietly paid the filing fee as well for another $10,000. When challenged on Spanish language's Channel 41 in Miami, Diaz-Balart denied it calmly despite the irrefutable evidence.
Money Gonzalez spent: $16,000.
Percentage of votes received: 41%.

Lincoln Diaz-Balart spent $1 million.
Frank Gonzalez spent $16,000.
Spending ratio: $58-$1.

In 2008, having observed Frank Gonzalez's results from 2006, the former Mayor of Hialeah, a city in the very heart of District 21, decided to run in the same district as a traditional left-wing Democrat. Martinez has held several political offices and has a widely recognized name.
Money Martinez spent: $1,600,000.
Percentage of votes received: 42%.

2008: Martinez, $1,600,000 for 42%.
2006: Gonzalez, $16,000 for 41%.
Spending ratio: $100-$1.

Frank Gonzalez always says that actions speak louder than words, and facts simply speak for themselves.

He is among the few who is truly qualified to speak on political and campaigning issues where most others just love to hear themselves talk without taking any actions.

He engages in politics to defend libertarian principles, NOT to make friends. His friends are only his friends to the extent that they too respect these solemn and extremely honorable and compassionate principles.

He wishes it known for the record that, despite these results, he absolutely despises politics. He says that it has made him more damagingly cynical and disillusioned than he thinks he can ever undo in a lifetime in order to be truly happy and peaceful as before.

He believes mankind is a loathsome species for the most part. It's not because he just dislikes people for no rational reason. And it's not because evil men do evil things. What disturbs him most is that supposedly "good" men, who vastly outnumber the evildoers and could defeat them easily, stand by and do nothing in the face of their unethical and criminal injustices.

He will tell you that, like Pareto's Rule indicates, 80% of the people are just cheap talkers. Instead, he appreciates those in the 20% who take action by educating, running for office and breaking needless traditions or protocols.

Frank Gonzalez believes EVERYONE is capable of achieving great things if they'll just believe in themselves enough to make a stand and do it their own way. He just wishes more would step up to fulfill their leadership roles as responsible and free citizens must do. He reminds everyone that this is the vigilance that we pay as the price for our freedom.

Frank Gonzalez is available for hire as a campaign consultant and strategist.

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