"The Lost Von Braun". Part One. By Aron Ranen..Edited by Douglas Robbins





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Published on Oct 26, 2008

Film explores Nazi's role in NASA, and the crimes of Von Braun.

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If Wernher was alive today Americans would be walking on Mars as I post this comment.
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Carl Lelandt
They're bashing NSDAP gov't, and US "Paperclip" and related actions. Good grief... The USA was allied with the Bolshevik/USSR, the atrocities of which are mostly unknown to the sheeple/lemming masses today... Atrocities that make Hitler/Heydrich/Himmler look like little flower faeries..And atrocities committed by the United States, likewise remain unknown to the masses..  Germany was blamed in popular media of the time, for the Katyn Massacre, which the German gov't tried to expose (correctly) as a Bolshevik atrocity.
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Lee Anderson
I'm sorry but the "true tragedy" of the American space program is our inability to build our own rockets. Right now we have to pay the Russians for rides on an R7 and engines for the Atlas. NASA is reverse engineering F1 engines because they can't figure out how to lift the Orion...  The American space program is NOTHING without it's Germans so show some respect.
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Steve the Chemist
Von Braun never used a computer - he did all his calculations on two slide rules he brought from Germany. We can't get to the moon today with modern technology - do you think we did it with 1960's technology?
Timothy Brummer
How about Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, who in WWII planned the mass bombing of Japan resulting in 1 million civilians killed. 100 times more than civilians and workers killed by the V-2 program.
Yeah...this film ignores two very important details: first, that Von Braun wasn't given much choice. He was pretty much forced to work on what the Third Reich wanted him to work on, in the way that they wanted him to work on it. The concentration camp labourers? Not his idea. That was all Hitler. Their poor living conditions? All Hitler's fault. Hell, Von Braun was even arrested and imprisoned just because he dared to spend time dreaming about space travel instead of building V2 missiles! Second, that Wernher Von Braun and his associates did not develop the V2 to be a weapon of war. Rather, they developed it to further advance their dreams of space travel. Von Braun himself hated the idea that his creation was being used for a destructive purpose for which he'd never intended it. In fact, really the only reason he continued to work for the Nazis was that they provided him with a means to continue designing and building rockets.
Robert Karma
Operation Paperclip certainly involved our military recruiting some very unethical and immoral true believing Nazis to come to the US to work for our government. Von Braun was not one of those reprehensible people but he is the most well known thanks to his very public role in promoting the space program and as the leader of the engineering effort at MSFC to build the rockets that took Americans to the moon with Project Apollo. Even vocal von Braun critic Michael Neufeld (seen in the video) acknowledged that von Braun was not a war criminal but rather an opportunist who took advantage of his position. We should be angry about those who our government recruited who played a personally active role in torturing, experimenting upon and murdering concentration camp prisoners.  There were @ 1600 doctors, scientists, metallurgists and engineers out of 24,000 candidates brought to the US under Paperclip. There were a large number of known Nazis recruited by the OSS/CIA after the war to spy on the Soviets. There were a plethora of Nazis who were able to flee Germany via the Vatican/Catholic Church "Rat Line" after the war. How many people know the names of truly evil Nazis like Otto Ambros, Theodor Benzinger, Friedrich Hoffman, Siegfried Knemeyer, Richard Kuhn, Ulrich Luft, Konrad Schaefer, Walter Schreiber, Hubertus Strughold, Erich Traub, Herbert Wagner, Mikola Ledbed, Andrija Artukovic, Gustav Hilger, Theodor Saevecke, etc., that were recruited for exploitation by the Americans? What about the deal we made with the members of the Japanese biological warfare Unit 731? We agreed not to persecute them for war crimes in order to get their experimental data. There is plenty to be outraged about regarding Operation Paperclip but von Braun and his Team are one of the few bright spots where we greatly benefited from bringing Germans to America.
Nguyen Duy Thuc
+praneeth kalidindi , I guess you don't know how ignorant you are. Just shut up and get some education! I have to say that your koryolov and Russian are just thieves who stole Von Braun's technology to get into space. But thieves are just thieves, they can never go beyond earth orbit, right? 
Mike Lowery
One did not become an SS Major without proving their loyalty to the reich and it's agenda.   He is one of the men who brought the embers for starting the new reich, the fourth reich, here in the US!
Brīva Eiropa
the German rocket scientists were forced to work or get shot, and people hold them responsible for these crimes
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