Whites Think They Suffer From Racism More Than Blacks





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Published on Aug 22, 2012

Tuft's University has come out with a study where they have found that whites feel as if they've replaced blacks as the primary victim of racism in America today...

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Knomme Cushe
yes, in America today, whites are  enslaved, not allowed to go to schools desegregated, they have to walk on the other side of the street when blacks are passing by and denied to eat in restaurants, denied at the bank, jobs, hotel, sprayed with hoses, lynched, murdered, de-humanized, all because they are white! ha! what a joke, if that were to happen to white people, they would be suicidal, they can't take that pressure
Jeremiah Daniel
anybody can be a racist regardless of there race. because the only race is the human race. but when black people do something to harm white people they act like its not racist. that is pure ignorance!
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im indonesian but gotta love how whites treated other races in the past, slavery and trade, slaughtering, killing fathers and mothers of families, forcing their shit upon people etc and now karma hits them back and they claim to be victims ? that's karma up on them. They deserve it, so yes keep playing victims and see what its like to be ridiculed against for your skin color and treated unfairly. your people even came to my nation and slaughtered and killed people and for what ? to make a deal for nike products ? my people had to die so nike could have its name in my nation ? you people deserve to be treated badly its karma.
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Test Pilot
Black people went through hell 60years ago and way before then because it was hole diffrent time and way of thinking our white ancestors were fueling well oiled hate machine and like all things do ,time changes .black people can't punish white people for what their ancestors did we all have evolved today we must work together or lets just kill and hate each other ,go fordward not backwards.
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Another dorky liberal bashing whites. Anti-white sentiment usually comes from those jealous losers (both white and non-white) who feel that they can't measure up to civilized Western society. It takes guts and smarts to accomplish what the Europeans and European-Americans have over the centuries. That's why they're #1 in literature, law, medicine, science & technology, music, artistic creation, etc., but they are relinquishing that coveted first place position, because of excessive kindness.  
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Universal Gemini
I'm guessing the dark ages never happened. And the fact that all serial killers are white. But thats ok cause the real issue is blacks. We should go back to africa , right ? Well, two problems. One , You dragged us from Africa to build s nation you were incapable of building. And secondly. , I can't return to a place after 400 years of slavery no nothing about. Whites suffer more racism than blacks......please. So now that whites are getting the tip of our oppression ; it's too much. Oh boo hoo. Blacks are profiled as criminals when the real criminals are white and money laundering, raping, killing, extorting , and into human trafficking with "white privilege" to pat them on the back because the fit the standard. But if you wanna trend set who had the most oppression we can switch. I'm ready. Am I prejudice? Extremely. For what I have suffered at a young age just for the pigment of my skin. Most white people like to derail the argument or forget all the bloodshed they've committed in the past. That's white privilege. You have a majority of coverage in your favor to put more emphasis on incarcerated blacks than to ever have to be remind that your race was a vile, corrupt, hateful to your own race. Oh , a white guy shooting up a school or a movie theater is sad. He went to jail. Oh great. While another guy playing with a air soft rifle in a Target gets gunned down because a scared white couple thought he was gonna rob it. This black male had kids. Now his kids will grow up like I did despising the white male for things ,such as this and that's just the tip. I feel you deserve so much more racism even the descendants because you privilege off the blood of my ancestors like you deserve it. You derail to prove points. But its just deniability . Insert racial comments here____ 
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John Smith
LOOK! White people do all this stuff, "that's racist they're kkk" and all that dumb shit! Black people have been beaten, raped and killed for no reason. By who? White people and they still get the same treatment everyday, so they have every right to say what they want about white people. Racist people always say "go back to Africa" when White people came and stole Black people from Africa! White people talk about America is their's, no its not!  Native American's own this! White people again came and stole what was not theirs! On their wooden boats and feather hats! White people can't say the N word because, and I quote, was "used by White people to degrade Black people as dumb" and all of this garbage! White people took away from Black people, real america is not White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim!  It's home to Native Americans! So get your facts straight, White racist people!!!! I'm White but you've got to be so dumb and blind not to see the every day struggle of the Black community I love Black people because I'm equal to Black people, I eat  with Black people and they treat me as their own regardless of my skin color. There is good and bad of every race!! So if your White and racist go on an island and live because African Americans are here to stay and there's not a fucking thing you can do stop it! When you've gone through as much pain as African Americans have then you can say something but you haven't! Don't talk shit because NON-RACIST'S don't want to hear it! God said he created all men equal and until you White racist stop thinking you are superior to the other race the struggle truly resides in YOU and at the end of the day YOU are the one with the social issues. 
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I don't agree that white people should be discriminated, I mean I know there were very bad white people decades ago, but the new generation shouldn't pay for what their ancestors did to black people ages ago, that was a very long time ago. A lot of white people are going through depression and feel like everybody is against them, in fact every time you see a white people it reminds you of racism. Imagine how that person might feel being called a racist just because they are white. Black people should stop believing too that everybody is against them and being racist toward them because of their skin color. I'm a latina girl but I have been discriminated too...but so what? As long as they don't beat me up I don't really care..fighting and hating on other race just because of some ignorant idiots isn't gonna solve anything. Life will get them back sooner or later. Love yourself and your skin color and be proud of your race. Also learn to love other cultures. Being a racist isn't gonna get you anywhere but make you a hateful ignorant person.
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Richard Ames
Whites playing the victim card. FAIL!
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Jennifer Miller
Your don't know anything about your own history if you really think the white man stole blacks for slaves. You owe the white man a debt of gratitude for bringing your ancestors to America. The purebred negro has never invented anything, no written language, no roads, no educational system. They haven't cultivated a single crop nor domesticated a single animal for their own use. They have been a drain on every economy and and a burden on every nation, including their own that they have ever inhabited. My people are native to America, my ancestors have more claim to this land and more reason to cry oppression than anyone commenting here. Stop whining and educate yourselves. Stop blaming white people for all your problems.
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