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Published on Jun 29, 2008

Ok so first of all I would like to say SORRY!!! For making you guys cry! Hahah wow I didn't know my stories had that effect...wow. You guys are amazing!
Ok now to clear things up...let me remind you these stories are all in a series. Its started with A JB ROMANCE, then WONT GO HOME WITHOUT YOU, and THE HEART NEVER LIES. This is going to be the 4th and last part of the series. This follow up is probably not going to be as long as the rest. Its set in the future and it will have big events on there. it's the final one...I swear! Lol
[2 years later]
Month: June

Its been two years since Lexi passed away. The boys were still doing their music thing but had a long dry spell for a while. They didn't release an album for about a year. Joe was too sad to do anything. He tried to keep a happy expression whenever he was in the spotlight but everyone could see right through him. But they knew they had to give him his space also. The fans were great and very supportive. Nick and tiffany unfortunately were no longer together. Their schedules became too hectic when tiffany got a full ride scholarship to play for Arizona state. She focused on her school and softball her senior year. She graduated top of her class and is now just waiting anxiously for her first year of college. Since the two of them didn't want each other out of their lives completely they agreed on staying best friends. And so far it has worked for them completely. Kevin and Sam finally decided on a date to get married. They postponed it for obvious reasons but they felt the right time was now. They were going to get married in about a month. Sam had asked Mr. Jonas to do the ceremony for them. Everything was ready except for a few last minute things. Everyone except Joe was in the living room organizing for the big day.
Mr. Jonas: Sam can I ask you something?
Sam: sure
Mr. Jonas: we need to know who is going to walk you down the aisle.
Sam: oh [kind of got sad] I had someone in mind but I'm not sure.
Kevin: who babe?
Sam: I wanted to ask Joe.
Tiff: why Joe?
Sam: I don't know. Me and him have gotten real close these past two years.
Mr. J: I'm sure Joe would be honored to walk you Sam.
Nick: hey were is Joe by the way?
Tiff: [sad tone] today is the 16th. [I dunno I just made up a date]
Nick: oh.
Sam: I think I know where he is. I'm gonna go look for him.
Kevin: want me to come?
Sam: [shook her head no] its ok. I want to go alone.
Kevin: ok be careful [gave her a kiss]
Sam: [grabbed her keys] see you in a bit.

Joe was at the cemetery putting fresh yellow roses in a vase for Lexi. They were her favorite and he always bought her a huge bouquet on the anniversary of her passing away.
Joe: hi love. I cant believe its been two years already. Two years too many if I do say so myself. I miss you. A lot. Everyday gets a little bit easier but at first I thought I would never find a way out. I got a poem that a fan sent to me. It was really sweet of her. Yeah. It helped a lot. Let me read it to you.

The Lord saw you getting tired
And a cure was not to be,
So He put his arms around you
And whispered, "Come with me."
With tearful eyes, we watched you suffer
And saw you fade away,
Although we loved you dearly,
We could not make you stay.
A golden heart stopped beating,
A beautiful smile at rest,
God broke our hearts to prove
He only takes the best.
It's lonesome here without you
We miss you so each day,
Our lives aren't the same
Since you went away.
When days are sad and lonely,
And everything goes wrong,
We seem to hear you whisper,
"Cheer up and carry on."
Each time we see your picture,
You seem to smile and say,
"Don't cry, I'm in God's keeping,
We'll meet again someday."
Beautiful poem huh babe. [felt a hand on his shoulder]
Sam: hey.
Joe: oh. Hey Sam. Um didn't know you were there.
Sam: I'm sorry. That was a beautiful poem.
Joe: uh yeah. [folded it and put in his pocket again]
Sam: [took a seat next to Joe] two years. Wow.
Joe: I know.
Sam: Joe I wanted to ask you something.
Joe: um. Ok shoot.
Sam: I know its kind of weird but like I don't have my dad and well what I'm trying to say is will you walk me down the aisle?
Joe: [smiled at her] Samantha. I would love to.
Sam: really?
Joe: yeah. I feel honored.
Sam: thanks Joe. [saw the new roses] yellow roses her favorite.
Joe: mmhmm. Hey I should get going. I have to go with Kevin and nick to get fitted for our tuxes.
Sam: please tell me they're decent.
Joe: don't worry. Michelle [stylist] is helping us.
Sam: I trust her.
Ok not much here but the fan that gave Joe the poem is actually peacelovejonas505! She mentioned the poem to me and it was perfect! Big props to her! You should check out her story too! I personally love it lol I'll post one tomorrow. Its gonna be the big day!


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