Bad Boys vs Bad Girls Love Story Nellan&Jashley&Robsten Ep.7





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Published on Jun 6, 2012

/The next day;Friday/
Nikki - /pulls into the parking lot/
Ash&Kris - /jumps off Ash's car/
Nik - /shuts her door;throws her bag over her shoulder/ what are you all smiley about?
Kris - today's the day we start to be Cupid
Nik - /groans/ guys, don't!
Ash - too bad /slips her arm through hers/
Kris - /slips her arm through her other arm/
Nik - /sighs/ you are gonna kill me
Ash - /starts walking/ no we're not
Nik - /gives her a look/
Ash - it was one time!
Nik - it was three times!!
Kris - it was a year ago, get over it
Nik - if it happens again, I'm murdering both of you
Ash - you love us too much to do that
Nik - that you know of
/they walk into the building;with the guys/
Kel - if you start hooking me up with Nik, I'll shoot you both
Jack - it starts today, so get ready
Kel - screw you, Rathbone
Jack - sorry, that's Ashley's job
Ash - /turns around/ what's my job?
Rob - to screw him
Jack - /slaps the back of his head/
Ash - /looks at him with a disgusted look;turns back around/
Kel - /chuckles/ you don't say their name when your around them
Jack - shut up
/with Nik&Kris/
Nik - what is Ashley doing?
Kris - she went to her locker to get her book
Nik - /opens her locker;puts her bag inside/
Ash - /skips over/ back!!
Nik - /slams her locker;turns around/ when are you playing "Cupid"?
Ash - /sees the boys/ Now!! /runs up to them/
Kris - /follows her/
Nik - /slides down the lockers;sees Ash&Kris talking to them/
/With the guys/
Jack - so, we'll be right back, stay here!
Kel - whatever /sits on the bench/
Jack&Rob - /walk towards Nikki/
Ash - /stops running/ where are you going?
Jack - to ask Nikki something
Kris - Cupid?
Rob - what?
Ash - are you trying to set Kellan and Nikki up?
Jack - yeah, you?
Ash - /grins/ you know it
Jack - /chuckles/ see ya later /continues walking/
Ash&Kris - /skip over to Kel/
Kris - hiya, Kel!!
Kel - /looks at them weird/ what?
Ash - /sits beside him/ soo, do you like Nicole?
Kel - /suspicious/ why?
Kris - /sits on the other side/ she likes you?
Kel - /glances over at her, Jack&Rob/
Ash - so, go ask her out!!
/With Nik/
Jack - yo, Nicole
Nik - /looks up/ Cupid?
Rob - yup, will you go out with Kellan?
Nik - /stands up/ what is up with you two and Kris and Ash trying to hook us up?!
Jack - he likes you and you like him
Nik - how do you know? /crosses her arms/
Rob - everyone likes Kellan!
Nik - so you two like Kellan? /raises her eyebrows/
Rob - yeah! /pauses/ eww, no!!
Nik - /shakes her head/ you two are weird /picks her books up;walks away/
Jack - we still have six hours to try
Rob - sure do
/With Kellan/
Kel - I'm good /picks his bag and books up;walks away/
Ash - dang it!! /stands up/
Kris - we have six hours still!!
Ash - actually, we have a few years
Kris - oh yeah!!
/bell rings/
Ash - let's go /grabs her arm;drags her away/
/Three hours later;lunch/
Nik - /sets her tray down;sits down/
Ash&Kris - /walk over;sits down/
Nik - I see you failed /eats her sandwich/
Ash - we still have three hours!
Kris - and a few years!
Nik - are you ever gonna stop?
Ash - nope!
Nik - /sighs/ you guys are hopeless
Ash - you love us!
Nik - /mutters/ that you know of
Ash - what did you say?
Nik - I said, that you know of /drinks her Sprite/
Kris - well that was rude
Nik - I'm always rude, get over it /stands up;walks away/
Ash - she's on her period
Jack - whose on her period?
Rob - Nikki, duh!
Ash - any luck?
Jack - nope, she called us weird and walked away
Rob - I still think she's the weird one
Kris - anyone who goes to this school is weird
Ash - /gets an idea/ Hey, the Valentine's dance is coming up, right?
Jack - yeah, why?
Ash - well...we're supposed to wear masks and we can get Nikki and Kellan to wear masks and get them to dance with each other!!
Rob - that's an awesome idea!
Kris - but, what if she finds out what we're doing?
Jack - she won't, unless someone tells her
/With Nikki/
Nik - /walking in the hallways/
Kel - /walking towards her/
Nik - /walks past him/
Kel - /sees her/ Yo, Nik!!
Nik - /turns around/ oh, hey Kel
Kel - Jack and Rob ask you this morning?
Nik - yeah, Ash and Kris?
Kel - yupp
Nik - annoying, huh?
Kel - very
Nik - /shifts her bag to her other shoulder/ they're not gonna stop until the succeed
Kel - I know
Nik - you going to the dance?
Kel - nope, you?
Nik - I don't dance
Kel - well...how about this, if I go, will you go?
Nik - /smiles/ sure
Kel - /smiles back/ see you the fourteenth?
Nik - sure will, see ya later
Kel - later /kisses her cheek;walks away/
Nik - /smiles/ I can't wait till the fourteenth /walks away/

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