BBA 1.06 The Departed





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Uploaded on Dec 24, 2008

hahaha How's that for a new record? Two videos in one day! In all honesty, I was going to make them one episode and I realized that it would be easier understood if they were two seperate ones, hence 1.05 and 1.06 coming to life on the same day. ^^



Rielly and his then-girlfriend Sophie are hanging out at a local chilling spot when Hayden and Brayden arrive to drop by and say hey. Brayden double-checks with Rielly to make sure that he will be at full health from his accident (an accident you'll find out about soon enough) so that their basketball game planned for that weekend can still go on as planned. Rielly assures him that he wouldn't miss it for the world. After that, Hayden and Rielly share a brief look and she gives him a coy smile which Brayden looks at curiosly. Hayden and Brayden leave, and Rielly storms away soon there-after, bothered by seeing the girl he cares about with his best friend. Sophie sits quietly to herself, a pensive look on her face as Rielly deserts her.

Rielly crutches himself up the stairs and sees Hayden and Brayden together again, but he does nothing. He just stands and watches sadly.

Later on that night, Sophie comes to visit Rielly at his house where he's folding clothes. She tells him that she was bothered by the look he gave to Hayden, but he just tells her it was no big deal. They talk some more about the upcoming game, and Sophie confesses her worry over his leg holding up for the game. Rielly assures her he will be fine.

The game finally arrives, and Sophie and Rielly travel to the court together. Half of the school has shown up to watch the two founders' sons battling each other on the court. Rielly and Hayden share a brief look before Rielly sees Brayden watching, and he goes into the game to drawn attention away from the moment.

The game is a close draw, but Brayden ends up winning as he prevents Rielly from making a gamewinning slamdunk.

Rielly watches as Brayden walks over to Hayden and talks with her, asking her if she's proud of him. He walks away in disgust as Brayden notices his departure and obvious disdain.

In the car after the game, Rielly and Sophie are making out, and she has a flashback to when she saw Rielly sharing a look with Hayden when they first arrived at the game. She sits back in her seat, frustrated, and Rielly asks her what's wrong. He gets momentarily upset with her because he doesn't know why she's upset about him looking at one of his best friends. She leans back over to him and tries to come on to him again, but he's angry and he pushes her away. Frustrated, and thinking of when he left the game with anger on his face after seeing Hayden and Brayden talking, Sophie grabs her things and gets out of the car to walk home.

Later that night, after they are both at home, Rielly calls Sophie and asks her to forgive him for whatever he did. She's not sure at first, so he asks her if he can come over so they can talk. She agrees. He arrives at her room where the lights are dimmed. He has decided to lose his virginity to Sophie to prove to her that he loves her and doesn't love Hayden. Maybe it's just a little bit for himself too, eh? They sleep together.

At a party later the next week, Rielly watches Hayden but then realizes that he has to talk to Sophie about what happened between them. He asks her to come talk, and she uncomfortably agrees. They begin sorting things out in a back room, but Hayden and a friend from school accidentally come into the room looking for Brayden. Rielly watches Hayden with obvious tenderness in his eyes that he doesn't realize is there, but Sophie sees it. She angrily gets up and leaves the room.

A day after the party, Sophie calls Rielly and breaks up with him, breaking his heart. He calls Hayden and asks her to come see him at the basketball court, and she shows up, comforting him when he doesn't know what he's going to do now that he's lost Sophie.

After leaving the court, Hayden goes to Sophie's house and yells at her for breaking Rielly's heart. Sophie says she didn't wish to break his heart, and Hayden - in disbelief - slaps Sophie and then leaves.

The episode ends with Sophie driving to the airport and leaving town for good.


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