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Published on Jul 19, 2008

Mystic doing his thing with GT Girl. Guyana represent!!!

For the lyrics check out gtlyrics.blogspot.com

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Gtgyal 24
There is no hatred in guyana between the two races..many people are mixed..including myself. i'm indian and black.
You had a few beautiful girls but you could have had a much better selection some of those women were fat and not hot at all. A few were actually unnattractive except the Miss Guyana girls. Guyana street girls are much prettier than the ones you chose. Bad taste in women. Many of those girls need to lose weight. This video is not the hottest of Guyanese girls.And you did not cover the whole spectrum of Guyanese girls. I am a black female Guyanese by the way but have Amerindian dna too. The world needs to see that Guyana has gorgeous girls and it does.
These are all black girls. What about the beautiful Indian women?
Too Real For These Fake People
Im Guyanese and these gyals is hot. And anyone who uses the term "west Indian" or "west indies" as a geographical term are a bunch of brainwashed fucks. That term what these skunts call west indies came from a liar named Christopher Columbus who got lost at sea and ended up at the Caribbean and when he got there he thought the Amerindian s are east Indian and he thought it was India so that stupid skunt called it "west indies". Why would you call it a west INDIES when we it wasn't even INDIA that he found in the first place? And obviously since we live in a racist white society, the white society is obviously gonna push that idea that Columbus was a hero who " discovered" America and call the Caribbean " west indies" like a bunch of mindless sheep. You're supposed to be only called THE CARIBBEAN. BCUZ THE NAME "CARIBBEAN" Came from the Carib tribe (who were the original settlers of the Caribbean) and actually pays respects to the REAL SETTLER OF THE CARIBBEAN not "west indies," who got the idea from a man who stole land, and raped innocent women. West Indian is a cultural thing. At least the British, the dutch, and even the French to a certain extent tookvthe term west Indian and actually made a culture out of it not basing it off a liar Columbus. So yes we are South American,not in the Caribbean but we are still West Indian. Anyone who disagrees need to take that white man dick out of your ass and mouth. They brainwashed your weak mind good eyyy
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Miranda Gajju
What song is this ??
Deirdre Sacha
'An poor ignorant' ?? You just confirmed my statement there. And even if I was ignorant,how do you determine whether someone is poor or not? That just shows how shallow minded you are, to say someone is poor, just from one statement made. You should be in no place to call someone ignorant.
The Co-operative Republic of Guyana is not geographically part of the Caribbean but it is a member of Caricom. Just like Belize (formerly British Honduras) is a member of Caricom and culturally associates with the Caribbean, yet it is geographically located in Central America. So yes, Guyana is the most diverse country in terms of people in the "Caribbean". You see it is culturally associated with the West Indies / Caribbean, so that's why people say it's apart of the Caribbean. 
Fabio Prato
multculture rich country like Diamont.say no racizm
Yonette olson
song name?
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