(Bad Boy)Mindless Behavior Love Story...Can You Handle The Heat? Part 18





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Published on Dec 29, 2011

Nikki:Hey James(pouts very sexy)Can you do me a favor?
James:(stunned by her looks he stutters)Y-y-yeah?
Nikki:My ankle hurts and I can't walk. Would mind taking my tray and thrwing it away?
James gets up and starts to take the tray but she sticks her foot out and she trips him. As he falls his face lands in her unfinished tray of food.
Nikki:OMG!!(screams)ARE YOU OKAY???? DID YOU GET HURT??? CALL 911!!!! She picks up his arm and lets go.
Everyone in the lunch room:HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHHAAHHHAHA!!

Nikki turns around and to smile at Princeton... But hes not there. Dissapointed she thought she would go looking for him and apolligise to him He would hear about this today. She looks all over the scool for him but she could'nt find him or the guys

Still no sign of Princeton or Prod Or Ray Or Roc.... Gives up hope and desides he probly never coming back. Sitting in Social Studies watchin' a movie(Its close to Halloween)on the creation of Halloween.

All of a sudden Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray, and Roc come through the door. It surprises Nikki so much she jumps. Princeton walks her way(shes in the back)and sits behind her. Roc sits behind Jasmine which scares her badly, Ray Ray sits behind Angel she looked worried. Prodigy sits behind Ashley who happends to sit beside Nikki.
(She looks frightend)

Princeton leans forward and whispers in her ear..
Princeton:Did you miss me?
He leans back in his chair and sighs. Ashley gets out a peice of paper and writes to Nikki.
"HEY! Im kinda scared right now. They seem different. Their facial expressions scare me...Prodigy scares me..." Ashley throws her the note and Nikki reads it and writes back.
"I know. Its the way they walked in that scared me. They they looked at us...But why are you scared of Prodigy? What did you do to him?"
Nikki throws her the note back and she reads it and writes back.
"I'll tell you the locker room. O.K.?" Nikki reads it and nods her head. She trys to put it in her binder but it slips out and falls to the floor. Princeton beands down and gets it. Kisses it and puts it in his jacket pocket.

While the girls are being scared the guys are taking in every movement the girls make. Every twitch...every breath...every shift in their movement..

Nikki;s POV:
Their back? I just gave up on them.... But theirs something different about them... The way they looked at us when they sat behind us. The way they walked torward us. Its like their tring to tell us telapathicly that they got some beef with us. But what did the girls do to make them dislike them so much? Ashley is scared out of her wits. Jasmine looks ready to pee her pants. And Angel looks like shes about to cry! What the hell is going on here!? I can't wait to get out of here....And Princeton... His smiles...alot more....cold. Harmful. Like a predator ready fore its prey. Hes not the same.. Neither are the others...
End of POV

Princetons POV:
Tick Tock...Tick Tock...Your times running out ladies...(smiles eviliy..)
End of POV

What will happen?
Will the guys hurt them?
WHat made them so cold?
What did the girls do to them?
Why did they leave?

In the next episode..

The class is over and the girls hurry to get out of the room. The girls run to their lockers. Try to hurry before the guys catch them. Then Princeton comes up behind Nikki, Prodigy behind Ashley and Ray Ray behind Angel and Roc behind Jasmine. They don't know that their behind them and everybodys gone.

Princeton puts his hand on Nikki's shoulder and sqeezes. Nikki drops her books as Princeton turns her around. The guys do the same to the girls.

Princeton:We've got a bone to pick you girls...(smiles coldly)


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